Thursday, November 02, 2006

Always one step behind

Over at one of the blogs I sometimes read, there's a new, um... contest, I guess. Not really a contest. More of a campaign for more blogging. It's referred to as NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month - basically trying to get people to post one entry every day in November in order to liven up previously slow blogs. I saw this and thought, totally a great idea, I'm on board .. but then I failed to post yesterday.

So here's the scoop from yesterday. I spent most of my day in the car, driving all over the province, or so it felt. I drove to Chilliwack in the morning, then to Pitt Meadows, then to Maple Ridge, then to Pitt Meadows again, then back to work, then home. By the by, did you know that gas in Chilliwack was only 86 cents? Scandalous! I also drove through Mission (hi Tree!) but really don't recall much, except I did pass a lake of some sort. The drive to Chilliwack is quite nice. Too bad it's so ridiculously far.

Also in yesterday's news, we went to a company dinner paid for by the hubby's work. There are some interesting (=bizarre) people who work with the hubby. He's been there long enough to identify the folks I didn't need to meet, so that was nice. In a little speech, his manager referred to me as the most patient, tolerant, and understanding woman he's ever met, since I'm married to the hubby. Clearly, this manager doesn't know a thing about me. Oh, the deceptive webs I weave when presenting my public facade to strangers!

PS: I wanted to take the two week All-Bran challenge, but it's far too difficult to eat it every day. My mouth can only handle a certain amount of twigs and branches per week.

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