Saturday, May 02, 2009

8 days

Dear baby,

Hooray! You're finally here!!!

I don't want to post your real name on this blog, so I have been trying to think of a nickname for you. For now I think we'll go with Chickpea. That is what they said was the size of your stomach when you were born, so it seems like a good name for you.

Chickpea, Mommy went through a lot to get you out. First of all, you were late. Late, late, late. Mommy was given oxytocin to induce labour, but it didn't work as quickly as expected... then (I'm really shortening up the story here) Mommy and Daddy found out that you were "ROP" - which is to say, you were totally not positioned correctly. So the doctors had to open me up and haul you out by hand. Let me just say that you are lucky you will never have to go through labour as the pain is almost indescribable. And thanks to your positioning and the resultant c-section, I got to experience both the pain of a major surgery and the pain of labour.

Of course, all that fades away because you are a fantastic baby, and I couldn't ever have asked for a better kid. You are a good sleeper, you don't cry a lot, and now that we have worked through some of your feeding issues, you're gaining weight at a champion rate. I must tell you that the feeding issues have been extremely difficult for me. I felt as though my body was failing me, because I couldn't feed you properly. All the hormones are really not helping either, as I have been so emotional lately. I feel guilt over not being able to feed you the way I wanted to, I feel guilt over not being able to spend as much time with the dog as I wanted, I feel easily irritated at the smallest things ... ugh! Motherhood is a difficult thing. I'm so grateful that you are a happy, calm baby. Chickpea, you are the joy of every day now, and we are incredibly thrilled that you are finally here with us. Welcome to the world, little one. Mommy loves you more than you'll ever know.

Here you are having a little bit of tummy time. PS: sorry for all the yellow and green clothing. From here on out, it's boy stuff for you!

Love, Mommy