Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm becoming more and more granola

First it was the purchase of two hybrid vehicles. Then, we bought a substantial amount of organic beef, one quarter cow to be exact. Then I decided we'd be using cloth diapers for the baby. And now, we've decided to buy a share in a CSA farm operation for the 2009 summer season. Is there no end to my earth-friendliness. I am just kidding, of course, I am not completely devoted to environmental issues, but one small step at a time I guess.

I'm sure you can read about a CSA on your own, but I'll explain my understanding of it. I first heard of this on a food blog that I used to read all the time - but have unfortunately forgotten the name of now. Essentially, community supported agriculture is a system where a farm sells shares of its (usually summer/early fall) harvest to a group of folks for a certain price early in the year. The farm benefits by having the cash it needs up front for the growing season, and the shareholders get a weekly box of whatever the crop is for that week, depending on what the farm grows. The other benefits.... organic veggies, locally grown, etc.

So that's what we'll be doing! The farm we are hoping to join is actually not in farmland per se, but is made up of a collection of donated lands including backyards, etc. I'm pretty excited. I think each week will be a little different and hopefully we won't end up with too many brussel sprouts (though the hubby might not mind.) It should be an interesting adventure in what sort of food we can make at home. And by "we", I mean the hubby! Although I did manage to make dinner once this week. I made a beef tortellini soup. Don't worry, I used a recipe, so no one got sick. :) Maybe when I'm on mat leave I'll actually cook more often. Stranger things have happened!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

40 weeks

Dear baby,

Yesterday was your due date (according to some tricky doctor math.) Clearly, you didn't receive the message, because you're still not out. But I don't mind. I figured you would be late. After all, I am hardly ever on time for anything, and your grandma says I was late for my birth too. Your other grandma thinks that your father was also late. So it didn't bode well for you to arrive early in any event. Oh well. I only finished work last week, so it has been nice to have a few work-free days. Weirdly, I've actually felt kinda bored the last two days. Guess I'm just used to a routine.

So anyway. What's new. The doctor checked me out this week and last week to see what kind of progress you were making, and the official word is NOT MUCH. I'm progressing just fine, but you haven't decided to drop down yet. We are all ready for you to arrive - I finally finished washing all the clothes you own, well, except for the stuff that won't fit you for several months. Boy, are your socks tiny. And the hats too! Those are for your bald head - I figured you might take after me in that regard too. We've even had to sell our Canucks playoff tickets in anticipation of your birth. Baby, when you're older you'll realize what a sacrifice we've made :) Daddy says if the Canucks make it to the Stanley Cup finals he'll take you to a game. We do need to get a new light fixture for your room, because we broke the other one when assembling the crib. Oops! And when we know if you are a girl or boy, we might get you some clothing that isn't gender-neutral. A baby can only wear so much yellow and green.

Recently the dog has been wanting to sit closer to me (that is, when it isn't sunny enough for her to sunbathe outside) so we have allowed her to sit on the couch. She usually doesn't sit for long on the couch though, possibly it's too soft or slippery. But look at her today:

She looks comfortable, doesn't she? :)

See you soon, little one!