Sunday, December 31, 2006


I had a fabulous post written but then I somehow deleted it and couldn't get it back. Sigh!!

I wanted to show you all some of my memories of 2006, as outlined in pictures.... I'll just start again, I suppose. But it won't be as cool :(

1. January allowed us to welcome our newest cell group member, Kiyah, who was at this time one week old:

2. In April, I celebrated another burfday... my... 19th ;)

3. Also in April, two of our cell groupies got baptized:

4. In May, I spent a week in Campbell River, where it is incredibly beautiful:

5. In July, we had to say goodbye to PJ - we miss all of you muchly:

6. In August, we went to San Fran for a week to celebrate the Yam's wedding and to enjoy time with the "family":

7. Over Labour Day weekend, we renewed our tradition of camping annually:

8. In September, I got to wear (uncomfy) legal robes for the first time:

9. In October we went to Mexico for another wedding and some touristy stuff:

2006 also came with much news and exciting stuff - friends getting engaged, friends learning of new babies on the way, friends moving away from home (boo!), you know, I'm hitting that age group where all of this stuff starts to happen.

2006 also brought challenges and difficult times. Recognizing that life is not always sugar and candy and fairytales, let me share these lyrics with you from a song by Kim Hill

Holy, You are still holy,
Even when the darkness surrounds my life
Sovereign, You are still sovereign
Even when confusion has blinded my eyes
Lord I don't deserve Your kind affection
When my unbelief has kept me from Your touch
I want my life to be a pure reflection of Your love

And so I come into Your chambers
And I dance at Your feet Lord
You are my saviour, and I'm at Your mercy
All that has been in my life up to now
It belongs to You
You are still holy

Holy, You are still holy
Even though I don't understand Your ways
Sovereign You will be sovereign
Even when my circumstances don't change
Lord I don't deserve Your tender patience
When my unbelief has kept me from Your truth
I want my life to be a sweet devotion to You

May 2007 be a year where we learn to make our lives a sweet devotion to our Father.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Midnight at the oasis

Er... I mean... 7PM at the Garage....

Much to my delight, Chatty McChatterson didn't show up for last night's game. I got confused by what hubby said, but apparently she is not a half season ticket holder - she shares a full season ticket package between four friends or some such nonsense. If you haven't heard, Chatty McChatterson is my current nemesis at the Canucks games. Former nemeses (?) include the drunkards in the Molson Canadian zone and the girl who kicked me in the back last year. Some of you may have met Chatty, or, had the misfortune of sitting next to her. She has the ability to talk through an entire game and yes, drown out the crowd with her tinny (no, I don't mean tiny) but piercing voice. Plus, she likes to turn her head so it faces my ear in order to talk. And the stuff she talks about relates in no way to the game. It's all about how she broke up with this guy (a likely story) or how some friend or other has done something stupid (sure, a "friend"). Very irritating.

Last night, Chatty's other friends, Clueless and More Clueless showed up instead. I was thrilled - at first. Sadly, last night, GMC Chevrolet decided to give out these ridiculous "bambam" sticks - you know, those inflatable ones that make an insufferable noise when you hit them together - often seen at basketball games. More Clueless decided that he needed to hit them together at every possible occasion. Now, I'm all about cheering, screaming, clapping, and even hitting the bambam sticks when the Canucks score. But is it necessary to smack the sticks EVERY time the mascot bangs on his drum, even when the mascot is halfway across the arena? Or to continue banging the sticks when even the people in front of you (also in possession of sticks) look at you in disgust? I hate to say it, but Clueless and More Clueless made me long for the days of Chatty McChatterson. I actually said out loud, "Where's Chatty.... I miss her."

It's official - I've lost my mind.

Edit: I forgot to tell you that despite the Chatty gang, it was a great game! Very exciting! And here are the bonus parts to last night:
  1. We found free parking very close by. If you're nice to us, we'll tell you where it is.
  2. We had enough time to eat before the game and bought sushi at T&T. $12 for a meal for two at T&T sure beats $50 at GM Place.
  3. I found a Starbucks card with 88 cents left on it. It's like a Chinese person's dream. Haha!
  4. I got a cool new jacket, and the hubby got one too, but his was 40% off. Smashing deal.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Is the feasting over?

All good things must come to an end, and that includes fun with family and friends.

We celebrated our second married Christmas by indulging in much eating and game-playing.... so, really, nothing different from every other Christmas! This year the cousins' gift exchange went very well. All of the cousins brought good gifts and we were not disappointed with the strategizing and clamoring for specific gifts. I took home a very cute Pooh bear and the hubby brought home a mug and a weird version of Cranium (after trading movie tix and a Starbucks card with his cousin who didn't want to lug a board game back to Ontario.) One of the cousins brought her boyfriend to Christmas dinner and I told him we would evaluate his performance in order to decide if he would be invited to future family events. He did bring a nice gift for the exchange, but he was not terribly good at Taboo, and he threatened to leave one of the cousins behind instead of driving him home. The jury is still out.

Christmas Eve was also excellent at the godparents' place. Again much eating and also some "cooking", thanks to Elaine for the DS game :) The hubby made a ham and I thoroughly enjoyed it - I normally don't like ham but this one was quite the yum. We sang every single Christmas carol in the hymnal and some of the adults entertained by attempting "O Holy Night". Wow, I didn't know that people could actually hit that high B flat. But then again I am not blessed with that soprano voice. I also didn't know my sight reading sucked so much! Guess that's what happens when you don't practice!

On Boxing Day, we relaxed at home by inviting all the 24 fans over to do a little season 5 watching. Rules were set in place (like no talking) but promptly broken. Sometimes it's all you can do not to comment on President Logan. Anyway, did I mention the eating? As there was, again, much! It takes a lot of energy to get through 8 episodes in one day. To celebrate Boxing Day, there was some real boxing going on. I'll post a picture later.

Well, just as I was working myself into loving the time off, I've had to go back to work. Blah.... here begins the long haul, where there are no long weekends between January and Easter. At least it was great to have so many people around this year for the holidays!

Hope you all had great Christmases too.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas means to be my love

No it doesn't!

Re: previous blog - no updates. Friend was told about the friends-of-a-friend and he leans towards the more athletic one. Frick - guess the hubby really DOES know his own friends better. Who woulda thunk it. Looks like I'm gonna lose this bet.

We're watching Christmas football right now. It must be irritating for the hubby as I really don't watch enough football to know what is going on. So there are silly questions in abundance. For example, why is Tony Romo hugging Carrie Underwood if he is dating Jessica Simpson? (Frankly - I'd go with Carrie over Jessica... she doesn't have the chin dimple thing.) Or, does Tony Romo make ribs? :D

Okay. Time to go bring on the Christmas cheer. See you all later.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Merry Christmas! Less than seven hours to go until it's officially Christmas. My stars, it's gone by quickly. I'm looking forward to having a couple of days off. More importantly I'm pretty excited about the time to spend with family and friends. Christmas has been weird this year ... can't really describe it.

Anyway! Being near Christmas, it means it's pretty close to the New Year and time to consider making resolutions. Oh who am I kidding - I never make resolutions.

We're trying to set one of our friends up with a friend-of-a-friend.... the hubby and I are in disagreement about which friend-of-a-friend our friend would choose, as there are two friends-of-a-friend to choose from (are you following me so far?) .... I said the prettier one, and hubs said the more athletic one. We'll see how it goes. And no, we are not those annoying married couples who just try to match up all their friends. I've been doing this for years! ;)

Video On Trial is amusing. There's a New Kids video on right now. Ah, memories.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's over

I've survived my first trial ... not by fire or anything, but anyway, I will update when the verdict is in - approximately a month from now. It was a very stressful couple of weeks... my office is a complete disaster area - I picked up at least 50 paperclips that I had just tossed on the floor and there is confetti everywhere from all the hole punching. The amount of paper involved in even a short trial is crazy.

Okay. Onto non-work stuff. So let's see.... what have I been up to lately? I had sushi three times in the last week and I have been to Starbucks at least four times. It's an addiction, I know. I haven't been keeping up with my Advent calendar chocolate-eating, but that's partly because there is an abundance of chocolate at work.

Hmm... I am... out of words....

Monday, December 18, 2006

Cut that out

There are some words I really must cut out of my vocabulary. Unfortunately it's a challenge to stop saying things, particularly as I have a bit of a temper problem. I rarely swear, but I sometimes use unkind words.

For example I should really try to avoid the word "dumbass", much as it applies to one certain person who I shall not name. What word could I use instead? There just isn't a word with the same force. I suppose one could argue that the appropriate thing to do isn't to find a new word, but to stop applying that sort of derisive comment to someone else. To that, I respond, spend a day in my shoes. No, seriously, I really must change my attitude.

Can't wait till next week. Days off? Hooray!

Friday, December 15, 2006

It ain't over yet

Let's not go into it except to say - two more. Blah.

It's shocking that there are only 10 days until Christmas. Ten! And I haven't purchased a single Christmas present. Not that I was planning to, but it's still worth observing.

Perhaps I've been a little oblivious for the past few years, but what is with the political correctness this year? So far I've heard of incidents such as an airport being asked to add a menorah to the display of Christmas trees... people being offended that a Christmas tree would be present at a courthouse... calling it a "holiday tree" instead of a "Christmas tree" - it just doesn't sit well with me. I would never try to call a menorah a "holiday candelabra" so what is with the name changing? Are there people out there who are actually offended by the word Christmas? Is it necessary to be inclusive all of the time?

I find it unfortunate that not only is the true story of Christmas lost amidst the the craze of shopping and eating ... but now even the term "Christmas" is being watered down to "holidays" ...

It reminds me that we are still, in a way, captive Israel.

In these next 10 days ... let us wait with great anticipation and hope for our Lord.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Two more days

Edited... don't wanna be dooced :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I don't keep track of my dreams, although sometimes I mention them to the hubby in the morning (but then I usually forget them.) I rarely have nightmares, but I have had a few where people have ended up dead (never in realistic ways! just in crazy dream ways!) - those ones tend to stick out in my mind a little more.

For example, once I dreamed that we lived in a huge mansion with a bunch of friends and semi-friends. It was kinda like being on a reality show, except not so crappy. But one day, an intruder broke in and terrified us to pieces. Somehow a method was chosen to kill the intruder... but the only weapon we had was a huge frying pan. Not one of those cast iron ones, mind you... I'm talking about one of those thin, Teflon-coated frying pans. One of the semi-friends managed to bean the intruder, who promptly died. I think the frying pan was okay.

Another time, a very long time ago, I dreamed that many of us were in a supermarket of some sort. Everyone was going about their normal day doing normal stuff.... when suddenly killers approached.... in a killer zamboni! That's right. The killer zamboni didn't spray water to clean an ice surface - it ran people down and ate them! I managed to escape but not without a few close encounters. Those killer zambonis sure are ferocious.

Sorry, E ... guess my dreams really aren't that interesting.... but I'll try to think of more :D

Monday, December 11, 2006

Stress - part two

Blah blah blah busy busy blah blah trial blah blah blah downtown traffic sucks blah blah as do 12 hour days blah blah blah no lunch blah blah blah.


I'm so tired. I don't even have the energy to move.

Updates to come later.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

It doesn't matter if you don't like the Canucks this isn't a blog ABOUT the Canucks anyway!

But if more bashing occurs I shall have to close down comments to the general public. Let's not ruin it for everyone, shall we! Blogger is a happy place. Like Disney World. But less happy. But still happy and not bashy. If you don't like the Canucks, feel free to make your own blog about it. You can be as bashy as you want to be.

Okay! Let's see. ... what else is new and exciting. Not much since I think I just posted yesterday. Well, today wasn't that exciting. I spent a whack of money on my legal robes. Since we're going to trial on Monday, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the robes. Actually, I thought maybe in buying the robes, somehow that would cause the matter to settle - but alas - no such luck.

Wow .. it's getting late. Before I go, here's two pictures from our Mexican vacation in October. The first one is at the Pancho Villa museum (it isn't exactly called that - I think it's Museum of the Revolution or something):

I love how it says "Do not ... Food" and "Do not... Fire Arms." Hilarious! The whole sign is good. I have no idea what that word after "su veillance" is.

And picture number two:

Can you tell what this is? It's the courthouse in Chihuahua. You might recognize the lady holding the scales - you know - justice is blind.

That's it for now.... it's time for you to do more constructive things than to read my blog! (I know I'm wildly entertaining and hard to give up!)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Warmth! Need warmth!

So, it's finally the weekend and my stress level hasn't gone down yet. Maybe by next Friday when I will surely need a stiff drink. Except that I don't like to drink. Oh well. Maybe just a fancy coffee - if we win.

The hubby is out at his Christmas party right now and I'm at home. Strange as it may be, I've never actually been to one of his Christmas parties. He always says I won't like it. Probably true - I am not a huge fan of some of his friends. I'm currently watching the Canucks play last year's Stanley Cup champs. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLL... sorry - had to interrupt there. I sold this game to the husband of the lawyer who spent time with me in Campbell River - hopefully he's enjoying this game. Oh... umm... Carolina just scored. Ah well.

Some of you are probably aware that instead of studying, writing theses, or spending time with his family, PJ visits my blog (and others) and often comments on posts about the Canucks. Now I must say, as a season ticket holder and longtime fan, I have earned the right to bash the Canucks once in a while - and I am not a bandwagon fan so I actually do not bash them often at all. But I take offence when someone who has never been a Canucks fan bashes the Canucks. It's kinda like how I find it offensive when someone who isn't Chinese cracks a joke about Chinese people, but when someone who is Chinese does.... I laugh and laugh. I completely disagree that the Canucks are spiralling down into the toilet (as was suggested by PJ over here) ... but I suppose everyone's entitled to their opinion. What am I saying? Everyone is entitled to MY opinion. Stop differing from my opinion!

Onto non-hockey topics. Since the hubby isn't home tonight, I was forced to make my own dinner. Tragic, I know. I am never very creative when I have to cook, particularly if I'm just cooking for myself. So, I made my favourite comfort food - that's right - soupy noodles. Noodles are fabulous when you're feeling cold. As my mom always says, I could eat plain noodles and still be happy. Although I did make some dumplings (comfort food #2) to go with my noodles. I'd suggest that the reason I love noodles is because I'm half Shanghainese, but my brother isn't as much of a noodle fan. Maybe it's because I LOOK Shanghainese and he doesn't. Haha!

What's your comfort food?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

18 days till Christmas

Bonjour! Currently I'm sitting on the couch at home and am about to enjoy a yummy apple cider. It's been a busy week at work. I think we're going to trial on Monday. Hmmmm... that should be interesting. More updates to come.

We still don't have our Christmas tree and I doubt we'll get one this weekend. Sigh! Maybe on Monday.


Okay! Apple cider - check. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire - nope. Jack Frost nipping at my nose - nope - but my hands are cold. Cookies baking in the oven - maybe later.

I keep seeing ads for stuff to give kids this year and it seems like so much of it is electronic. There are so many items that promise to teach your kids (like this and this) - it makes me wonder whether we have become so dependent on our "modern" world that the old school way of learning has gone by the wayside. When we were kids, my mom used to take us to the library every week and we would come home with piles of books. (The hubby thinks this is so nerdy of me - but whatever!) It's strange that kids don't really read any more. I suppose the fast pace of the 21st century has taken over.

Today, I was thinking about consumerism and how Christmas has turned from being a joyful day to celebrate Christ's birth... to a day of gifts and a fat guy promoted by Coke. I had these vague thoughts - like - let's say I started a business selling t-shirts*, and I made it a point to hire underprivileged folks.... and the business grew... but the prices of merchandise also grew (as prices often do)... would I not be contributing to the gap between rich and poor? It just makes me wonder if there are solutions to issues like poverty. I don't think my example is a particularly good one and I'm sure there are flaws.... it's just a thought in my head right now though.

*It isn't my ambition to start this type of business, in case you're wondering.

Only 11 days until the official date upon whence we can break open Season 5 of 24 and begin the watching. (Thanks, Euge!) I'll contact you folks if I think you're worthy of watching it with us. Hee!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Three days since my last post - you must be wondering where the heck I am. Well, I'm currently residing in Stressville, a little town where being kept on your toes and experiencing a nagging feeling of "What did I forget to do?" are requirements for citizenship. I won't go into the reasons for my journey to Stressville since it's all work-related stuff, and really not a cause for concern, so don't feel too much pain on my behalf. Suffice it to say, I'm fine, but could do with a nice Caribbean vacation right about now.

I did end up getting some of my pics from Mexico uploaded, so maybe one day I'll actually post one or two. I tried to get some neat pics of the underground caverns we visited (called the "Name of God" caves) but alas it is challenging to take pictures underground.

Ok - that's all for now - I'll give you all a break from my normal wordiness!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Not about Mexico

I was going to post about our trip in October, but my photo uploading is uncooperative and it has put me in an anti-trip-posting mood.

Alas I shall be posting instead about a show I have now seen twice - Property Virgins. The premise is about a couple (at least in the two eps I've seen) who are buying their first home. I'm sure you could have surmised as much from reading the title of the show, but let's humour the less intelligent among us, shall we. Anyway! It's set in Toronto (of course) and is hosted by a very bubbly woman in need of some dental work. I mention that only because it distracts me. She asks the couple what they want, then finds three houses for them to look at that are within their budget, and they choose. (I can only assume that the couple has actually looked at more than three places, but maybe I'm wrong.) It seems like the couples have some fairly unrealistic expectations, or else it could be that this real estate agent is just overly cheery. She sends them in to the houses by themselves, which is a smart idea - they can diss the house all they want!

I do have to say that some of the "houses" she has shown them are sorely lacking. One was this super narrow two bedroom house - it isn't more than 12 feet wide at any point - and although it had a basement, you would only appreciate said basement if you were my height or shorter, because the ceilings were terribly low. Another had only one bathroom, which happened to be located in the basement. The agent suggested this was something some people would see as a downfall. SOME people? That's it? I know I personally would LOVE to live in a house where I had to descend two flights of stairs just to use the can.

But of course, in the end, the couple comes to their senses, lowers their expectations, and puts down the money, and the house is theirs.

I think the reason I like this show is because I never actually got to look at houses before the hubby bought this one. I think I was in Medicine Hat or something. Plus, we weren't married or anything yet. Now, I really like our house and he did a great job in renovating what needed to be done. But I still wish I had had that Property Virgin experience. (Note: I am not being ungrateful. I am observing.) It would have been interesting to look at houses... I do enjoy a good open house, after all.

Lately we've been considering moving... but I think for now we'll stay put. It isn't financially a good idea for us to move (well - at least it doesn't seem like it), and while we live in this house, we can work to pay it off like the good independent kids we strive to be.

I still like to look at houses though.

I'm watching Toy Story 2 right now. Here's a great line: "Why don't you watch where you're going, Godspilla!" Hahaha! Godspilla. Awesome.

Friday, December 01, 2006


What's your favourite Christmas carol?

It's hard to believe that we're already at the beginning of December, and the start of Advent (at least according to my chocolate calendar...) I've noticed that Christmas songs are appearing every so often on the radio and so I thought I'd share my favourites with you...

This is a part of my favourite "secular" Christmas song. I like it because it's quite cute.

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Only a hippopotamus will do
No crocodiles, no rhinoceroseses
I only like hippopotamuseses
And hippopotamuses like me too

Frankly if I had to choose between a crocodile, a rhino, or a hippo, I'd choose a hippo too!

Okay, now for my favourite Christmas hymn... just the first part of it.

O come, O come, Emmanuel,

And ransom captive Israel,

That mourns in lonely exile here

Until the Son of God appear.

Rejoice! Rejoice!

Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel.

Such a beautiful song with an almost haunting melody.... I love how it starts in a minor key.. but I also really like the lyrics. An expression of desire for the coming King to rescue a people held captive by sin - that's at least the interpretation I prefer. It's so amazing to think that our Father in heaven sent Jesus to save us from captivity... and that because of His death and resurrection, we are able to rejoice that Christ has come indeed.

So, I am excited about Advent.... the period of waiting for Christ's coming... in a way I think of Advent as awaiting the second coming too... in this time of waiting - let us not think too much of what we want for Christmas, but how we can glorify Him and sing His praises instead.