Friday, December 08, 2006

Warmth! Need warmth!

So, it's finally the weekend and my stress level hasn't gone down yet. Maybe by next Friday when I will surely need a stiff drink. Except that I don't like to drink. Oh well. Maybe just a fancy coffee - if we win.

The hubby is out at his Christmas party right now and I'm at home. Strange as it may be, I've never actually been to one of his Christmas parties. He always says I won't like it. Probably true - I am not a huge fan of some of his friends. I'm currently watching the Canucks play last year's Stanley Cup champs. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLL... sorry - had to interrupt there. I sold this game to the husband of the lawyer who spent time with me in Campbell River - hopefully he's enjoying this game. Oh... umm... Carolina just scored. Ah well.

Some of you are probably aware that instead of studying, writing theses, or spending time with his family, PJ visits my blog (and others) and often comments on posts about the Canucks. Now I must say, as a season ticket holder and longtime fan, I have earned the right to bash the Canucks once in a while - and I am not a bandwagon fan so I actually do not bash them often at all. But I take offence when someone who has never been a Canucks fan bashes the Canucks. It's kinda like how I find it offensive when someone who isn't Chinese cracks a joke about Chinese people, but when someone who is Chinese does.... I laugh and laugh. I completely disagree that the Canucks are spiralling down into the toilet (as was suggested by PJ over here) ... but I suppose everyone's entitled to their opinion. What am I saying? Everyone is entitled to MY opinion. Stop differing from my opinion!

Onto non-hockey topics. Since the hubby isn't home tonight, I was forced to make my own dinner. Tragic, I know. I am never very creative when I have to cook, particularly if I'm just cooking for myself. So, I made my favourite comfort food - that's right - soupy noodles. Noodles are fabulous when you're feeling cold. As my mom always says, I could eat plain noodles and still be happy. Although I did make some dumplings (comfort food #2) to go with my noodles. I'd suggest that the reason I love noodles is because I'm half Shanghainese, but my brother isn't as much of a noodle fan. Maybe it's because I LOOK Shanghainese and he doesn't. Haha!

What's your comfort food?


char said...

i love bread, all types of bread, except for ones with raisins... cuz raisins look like boogers, and who'd want to eat boogers anyways?

maybe you can tell your blog visitor, "Dave Nonis," to get back to work... leaving comments on posts won't make things better for him.

ArC said...

Potatoes, preferably cooked in a way that crisps them up a bit. Good Belgian frites or potato pancakes are good. Oh, or good ol' #31 (Vietnamese spring roll ("roll dip"), rice vermicelli, vegetables) with a bit of hot sauce and hoisin.

Wait, were we supposed to list things we could easily make for ourselves? If so, I guess my potato pancakes still qualify. Or my favourite root vegetable salad.

PJ said...

I'm so honoured that I made it to the topic of your blog. I only have one thing to say, and then I have to go back to Platonic influence on the early Church fathers and the influence of German theology on Bonhoeffer. (Incidently, I want to thank you [and others] for providing a place for me to relieve my academic stress.) Here's the one thing: Russel Peters (non-Chinese) makes me crack up when he tells Chinese jokes ... doesn't he make you laugh Y? The defence rests, your honour.

snerk said...

Hmm.... I can't say I approve of Russell Peters making Chinese jokes, the only thing is, he makes fun of all races equally. (Similar to Chinese people!) But if he ONLY made fun of Chinese people... that would be bad. (I've never seen a full RP monologue...)

pj said...

"I completely disagree that the Canucks are spiralling down into the toilet (as was suggested by PJ over here)"

Oh hey ya, just lil old me checking in. I uh ... don't know what to say anymore. I'm beginning to feel bad for you all. Tonight's game ... Luongo gets chased out of the net in the 2nd period, another loss. No, they're not spiralling down the toilet, I take it all back, they put in a real good effort tonight especially with 8th place in the standings on the line. Now I see that I've been wrong along. I'm sorry for bashing your "wonderful" Canucks.

pj said...

Platonic influence on the early Church fathers.... or bashing the Canucks? I suppose my education should be secondary. It isn't like I moved all the way to Boston for school or anything.