Sunday, December 03, 2006

Not about Mexico

I was going to post about our trip in October, but my photo uploading is uncooperative and it has put me in an anti-trip-posting mood.

Alas I shall be posting instead about a show I have now seen twice - Property Virgins. The premise is about a couple (at least in the two eps I've seen) who are buying their first home. I'm sure you could have surmised as much from reading the title of the show, but let's humour the less intelligent among us, shall we. Anyway! It's set in Toronto (of course) and is hosted by a very bubbly woman in need of some dental work. I mention that only because it distracts me. She asks the couple what they want, then finds three houses for them to look at that are within their budget, and they choose. (I can only assume that the couple has actually looked at more than three places, but maybe I'm wrong.) It seems like the couples have some fairly unrealistic expectations, or else it could be that this real estate agent is just overly cheery. She sends them in to the houses by themselves, which is a smart idea - they can diss the house all they want!

I do have to say that some of the "houses" she has shown them are sorely lacking. One was this super narrow two bedroom house - it isn't more than 12 feet wide at any point - and although it had a basement, you would only appreciate said basement if you were my height or shorter, because the ceilings were terribly low. Another had only one bathroom, which happened to be located in the basement. The agent suggested this was something some people would see as a downfall. SOME people? That's it? I know I personally would LOVE to live in a house where I had to descend two flights of stairs just to use the can.

But of course, in the end, the couple comes to their senses, lowers their expectations, and puts down the money, and the house is theirs.

I think the reason I like this show is because I never actually got to look at houses before the hubby bought this one. I think I was in Medicine Hat or something. Plus, we weren't married or anything yet. Now, I really like our house and he did a great job in renovating what needed to be done. But I still wish I had had that Property Virgin experience. (Note: I am not being ungrateful. I am observing.) It would have been interesting to look at houses... I do enjoy a good open house, after all.

Lately we've been considering moving... but I think for now we'll stay put. It isn't financially a good idea for us to move (well - at least it doesn't seem like it), and while we live in this house, we can work to pay it off like the good independent kids we strive to be.

I still like to look at houses though.

I'm watching Toy Story 2 right now. Here's a great line: "Why don't you watch where you're going, Godspilla!" Hahaha! Godspilla. Awesome.

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