Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's over

I've survived my first trial ... not by fire or anything, but anyway, I will update when the verdict is in - approximately a month from now. It was a very stressful couple of weeks... my office is a complete disaster area - I picked up at least 50 paperclips that I had just tossed on the floor and there is confetti everywhere from all the hole punching. The amount of paper involved in even a short trial is crazy.

Okay. Onto non-work stuff. So let's see.... what have I been up to lately? I had sushi three times in the last week and I have been to Starbucks at least four times. It's an addiction, I know. I haven't been keeping up with my Advent calendar chocolate-eating, but that's partly because there is an abundance of chocolate at work.

Hmm... I am... out of words....

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