Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I don't keep track of my dreams, although sometimes I mention them to the hubby in the morning (but then I usually forget them.) I rarely have nightmares, but I have had a few where people have ended up dead (never in realistic ways! just in crazy dream ways!) - those ones tend to stick out in my mind a little more.

For example, once I dreamed that we lived in a huge mansion with a bunch of friends and semi-friends. It was kinda like being on a reality show, except not so crappy. But one day, an intruder broke in and terrified us to pieces. Somehow a method was chosen to kill the intruder... but the only weapon we had was a huge frying pan. Not one of those cast iron ones, mind you... I'm talking about one of those thin, Teflon-coated frying pans. One of the semi-friends managed to bean the intruder, who promptly died. I think the frying pan was okay.

Another time, a very long time ago, I dreamed that many of us were in a supermarket of some sort. Everyone was going about their normal day doing normal stuff.... when suddenly killers approached.... in a killer zamboni! That's right. The killer zamboni didn't spray water to clean an ice surface - it ran people down and ate them! I managed to escape but not without a few close encounters. Those killer zambonis sure are ferocious.

Sorry, E ... guess my dreams really aren't that interesting.... but I'll try to think of more :D

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vespertine said...

I have very un-fascinating dreams as well...except last night when I protected my prof from gunfire! I suppose that was kinda cool. Remind me to tell you about Angel's dream concerning Mr.Lane murdering her...it's quite the hoot.
Add oil and hang in there!