Thursday, February 28, 2008

Growing up, part 2

Just as I started to feel a little young, carefree, and irresponsible, what should arrive in our mail but the yearly utilities bill. Friends, you will be pleased to know that the two of us are using over $1,000 of our fine city's utility services. That's right - our sewage, water, and waste prices are over a grand. I don't feel that bad about throwing the dog poop in the garbage now.

So we have decided to sign up for the water meter that is available, which could save us as much as $400. I know! I don't know why I never did this before - lazy, I guess. Once I get the water meter, I'll be doing my best to conserve water here at home. No more washing dishes or flushing the toilet or using the shower. Just kidding. Actually, if you get a water meter, you qualify for other free water-conserving devices. Hooray! Free stuff! Next year I will update you on whether we actually saved any money. But when you come over, try not to use too much of my water, okay?

Time for a couple of doggy pics!

Here she is enjoying her orange ball:

And here she is sleeping on a pillow like a human:

And finally, enjoying her monkey in the sunshine (she's really grown since then):

Monday, February 25, 2008

Growing up

Lately I've been thinking about adulthood and how I don't really feel like an adult. I have friends who have purchased a place of their own, I have other friends who are moving out or who have already moved out to live on their own... and as for my situation - someone said to me the other day that I was so lucky to marry someone who had already paid off his house. (Not true! The bank still demands money from us!) So apparently at least one person in my life thinks that I fell into this delightful situation of home ownership by some combination of luck and good looks. (I added that part.)

I'm definitely lucky. Hubs bought this house without my input or initial financial contribution (I don't even think I was in town at the time.) He did the renovations, painted the whole house, carpeted and laid tile, and all I did was belittle the (former) shag carpeting and move my darn self in the day we got married. Oh, and then I complained about the lack of closet space. I'm so helpful.

This "luck", however, comes with feeling a little behind in life... aside from nosing around at some open houses, I've never actually had to look for a place to rent or buy. I've never had to apply for a mortgage. I've "rented" before (in the Hat) but I hardly call that living on my own. I've never even purchased a car. If we choose to rebuild one day, I might never get to actually hire an agent and go through the buying process. This isn't intended to be a whine - I am super grateful to God for everything I have. I sometimes just wish I had gone through the process of getting to where we are, rather than being on the outside watching. Sort of ridiculous to think this way, I know. I'm just musing.


Today we signed the dog up for puppy daycare. I am heading for a very busy couple of months at work, and it will help tremendously to have somewhere for her to go on the days that she can't come with me to work. Also it helps tremendously that I found a place that is significantly cheaper than the other spots at which I inquired. It's just pennies a day! Many many pennies! But far less pennies than the other place. Actually it is half the price compared to the place near my work, but then again this daycare won't take her for off-leash runs through the mountains. Oh well, she's too young for off-leash running in any event.

I just received some sad news about someone I was acquainted with. He died in an accident leaving behind a wife and kids. Life is so incredibly short. I can't even begin to imagine what the family is going through. Keep them in your prayers.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Doggy Daycare

Sometimes I think my dog needs a more adventurous day. Should her day really be made up mostly of sleeping? I mean, she is a puppy, so she needs sleep but wow! she's always yawning! Except while eating or thinking of food :)

I was thinking of signing her up for a doggy daycare near my work on a once-per-week basis. That way she would have at least one day where she'd get to interact with other dogs, go on runs through the mountains, etc. Seems like a neat idea, right? Unfortunately, it's pretty expensive to have a dog in daycare. It isn't a lot cheaper than human daycare! So I think it'll have to wait for now. Too bad - she would enjoy running off-leash, I'm sure. I might actually put her in daycare for next month when I'm in trial. Ugh. I'm exhausted even thinking about it.

On to other things. I'm happy to report that even though I am a bit of a stickler for things at work, I do not suffer from the "kitchen OCD" that some of my friends have. My mom is definitely one of these, she can't sit down to eat until the entire kitchen is clean. I'm not a complete slob, but I do think dishes can wait until after dinner. Of course, I also don't cook, so who am I to say anything! I will say that since the dog's arrival, we have learned to keep the floors clean, since she chews everything. I think that's a step in the right direction. Housework just feels SO low priority to me :) But don't worry! I always get it clean - it just takes a while to motivate myself.

I need SUNSHINE. now!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


On the radio yesterday, there was a news preview clip asking, "Are you ready for the long weekend? Oh wait - unlike most Canadians, you don't get one!" Then various people talked about how disappointed they are that Albertans get Family Day (a stat in Feb) but we get no stats until Easter. Blah blah blah such a long haul between January 1 and Easter. Blah blah we need stats to keep us going. Someone actually said, "Working families need a break." Sucks to you if you are a working single, I guess!

Of course, what they don't mention or realize is that most people in Alberta don't get Family Day AND Heritage Day (the first Monday of August.) They just get Family Day. Even when I worked for the feds in AB, we had to choose between Family Day or Heritage Day.

Frankly, the "We need a stat in winter" whining bothers me. I much prefer having a statutory holiday in August when the weather is likely to be awesome, rather than in February when it's either raining or snowing or cloudy and about to rain or snow. In August, you can enjoy the beauty of Vancouver and its surrounding areas. In February, you could... go skiing maybe... but then you have to watch out for highway closures due to accidents and snow. Depressing.

I can't wait until the summer statutory holidays, actually. Canada Day is always a good one because it's right around our anniversary. I need some sunshine! We might be off to Mexico again this summer. It can't come too soon in my opinion!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Kodi is getting much, much bigger... she's probably reaching 25 pounds now!

Here are some of her interesting and funny quirks:
- she thinks everything in the kitchen is hers and that all food is being prepared for her
- she does a good "dance"
- she will put herself to bed when tired
- this morning I found her sitting in our laundry basket (on top of the clean clothes)
- if she chews something you don't want her to chew, you just have to show it to her and say NO and she'll never touch it again.
- at work, she sleeps at my feet instead of on the dog bed
- she will eat every single treat or kibble with the same vigour... although at least it takes her more than 5 seconds to eat her meals now!
- sometimes, she'll be really curious about the dogs on TV and will approach the TV to see where the dogs are
- she naps for hours at a time
- she knows when she is in trouble and will try to avoid our gaze when she has been bad

And here are some of her more irritating quirks:
- when she is tired, she acts like a spoiled, cranky toddler - she puts everything in her mouth and runs away when told to come
- she constantly pulls on her leash instead of walking nicely, even though she is choking herself by pulling
- she is an early riser... obviously she does not take after her parents
- she thinks all food and everything with a crinkly wrapper is for her - despite never having received food from our table, she'll always try to give the puppy eyes for food
- she has to greet every single person who is within one block's radius when on a walk

I can't believe how fast she is growing - soon my puppy will be a big, big dog with a big wagging tail. Well, maybe she'll calm down a little by that point. And then I will get a second puppy! Just kidding.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Joy of Parenting

Being a parent to a dog is, I think, a lot more fun than being a real parent.

Of course, I wouldn't know.

But anyway. This morning I was very upset. The dog woke up to pee as usual around 6:30 and I looked outside before letting her out - it was dark. I turned on the light, opened the door, and she ran outside. As she was peeing I saw what I thought was a cat run out towards her from behind our shed - but it turned out to be a giant raccoon. Thankfully, it only took a few steps towards the dog, and even better, the dog came back in when I called her. It was a scary moment. I hate raccoons.... the ones that live around here are constantly tipping over our garbage cans and rummaging through the crap. (Not literally crap.) Maybe if they learned to put the cans back up and the lids on, I'd be less disgusted by them.

Do you ever wonder why God created certain animals? I wonder this about mosquitoes, rodents of most kinds, raccoons (are those rodents?), wasps, silverfish (so gross!)...

Anyway. PJ requested a post about the Canucks. I've decided not to post about the Canucks at all, however. We'll see what happens when it comes to the post-season... if we are in it at all!

The dog is over 20 pounds now. I hope she isn't growing too fast... she doesn't look fat, so maybe she's just piling on the muscle. Next to other church dogs, she is a giant.... but in puppy school, she's still just a midget and she freaks out when other dogs try to play with her a little roughly. She doesn't seem to mind the rough play with smaller dogs. Maybe she's just a bully!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Outside pet store. Dog is trying to leap off a curb toward our car. We stop her and ask her to sit. She is tired and hasn't even had lunch yet, so is reluctant to sit. We say SIT and she finally sits.

Random lady walks by and says "Don't forget to praise them when they do what you say or else they won't do it next time."

Oh okay thanks lady. Because I've done ZERO research on dogs and dog training. And also, because we asked for your assistance. Move on with your day.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


I've decided to be a comment moderator. Don't let this stop you from commenting, unless you are the type to leave stupid comments (like the one I deleted), in which case, quit it. I try to have a sense of humour (and I would hope this shows through in my posts sometimes) but on occasion, I just don't find things very funny.

If you'd like to leave unfunny comments on my blog, you're welcome to say them to my face instead.