Saturday, February 16, 2008


On the radio yesterday, there was a news preview clip asking, "Are you ready for the long weekend? Oh wait - unlike most Canadians, you don't get one!" Then various people talked about how disappointed they are that Albertans get Family Day (a stat in Feb) but we get no stats until Easter. Blah blah blah such a long haul between January 1 and Easter. Blah blah we need stats to keep us going. Someone actually said, "Working families need a break." Sucks to you if you are a working single, I guess!

Of course, what they don't mention or realize is that most people in Alberta don't get Family Day AND Heritage Day (the first Monday of August.) They just get Family Day. Even when I worked for the feds in AB, we had to choose between Family Day or Heritage Day.

Frankly, the "We need a stat in winter" whining bothers me. I much prefer having a statutory holiday in August when the weather is likely to be awesome, rather than in February when it's either raining or snowing or cloudy and about to rain or snow. In August, you can enjoy the beauty of Vancouver and its surrounding areas. In February, you could... go skiing maybe... but then you have to watch out for highway closures due to accidents and snow. Depressing.

I can't wait until the summer statutory holidays, actually. Canada Day is always a good one because it's right around our anniversary. I need some sunshine! We might be off to Mexico again this summer. It can't come too soon in my opinion!!

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ArC said...

People in the US get President's Day off today. =)

(OTOH, no Easter.)