Thursday, February 28, 2008

Growing up, part 2

Just as I started to feel a little young, carefree, and irresponsible, what should arrive in our mail but the yearly utilities bill. Friends, you will be pleased to know that the two of us are using over $1,000 of our fine city's utility services. That's right - our sewage, water, and waste prices are over a grand. I don't feel that bad about throwing the dog poop in the garbage now.

So we have decided to sign up for the water meter that is available, which could save us as much as $400. I know! I don't know why I never did this before - lazy, I guess. Once I get the water meter, I'll be doing my best to conserve water here at home. No more washing dishes or flushing the toilet or using the shower. Just kidding. Actually, if you get a water meter, you qualify for other free water-conserving devices. Hooray! Free stuff! Next year I will update you on whether we actually saved any money. But when you come over, try not to use too much of my water, okay?

Time for a couple of doggy pics!

Here she is enjoying her orange ball:

And here she is sleeping on a pillow like a human:

And finally, enjoying her monkey in the sunshine (she's really grown since then):

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Jo said...

We received our utility bill too. Outrageous!! We are really careful in conserving water, etc. But wow. Ah well. And what is this waste management thing about? Mr.C and I think maybe we should look for random places to dig holes, and throw our garbages into. Or start going to the bathroom in backyards. Oh wait, we don't have a backyard.

Kodi is just too cute. Love how her coat of hair just shines. How big is she now?