Friday, March 07, 2008

4 months

Yesterday the dog turned 4 months old. She has been with us for a little under two months and I think she's made the adjustment very well, if I may say so myself. Some people talk about how much work puppies are, you know, the waking up multiple times in the night, etc. But we lucked out - she is a fast learner. Housetraining - well, she has had accidents, of course, but hardly any after the first week or two. She learned to paw at the door when she has to go out. From 9 weeks to 12 weeks or so, she needed to pee around 3am, then around 6am. But since that point she hasn't needed to do her 3am pee any more, and can last till 6:30am before she has to go out. Pretty awesome.

This week she began teething. She has lost several baby teeth, but we can't find any - either they are too small and got vacuumed up, or she swallowed them (more likely.) I've been giving her frozen treats to soothe her sore mouth - she is a big fan of frozen banana. She also gets a raw bone to chew on sometimes. One of her favourite chew treats is a bully stick. It's sort of disgusting if you know what a bully stick is, but she's a dog and probably couldn't care less what it's made from.

Tomorrow is puppy school graduation day. It's nice to see that she's so much less afraid of other dogs now and is willing to play. Too bad they are all still way bigger than her. The dog she is still a little scared of won't even be there tomorrow, so that is excellent news. One less dog to compete with!

We're thinking of taking a trip to Seattle sometime - I found some cheap dog-friendly hotels (which are hopefully tolerable and not filthy) and if the weather is nice, we can walk around downtown/Pike Place.. maybe visit University Village... I haven't been to Seattle in years.

I'm so glad I convinced the hubby to get a dog! She's way more fun than a kid. Heehee!


Anonymous said...

gotta agree that dogs are more easier to train than kids (well, I'm speaking about my kids). Potty training overnight?! Unheard of.....for us it has been in the works for more than a couple of years. Teething?!! It seems like that issue lasts forever.....and the teeth never even poke thru the gums. Yeah, sometimes I wish we had pets instead of kids.........

Tree said...

Congratulations to Kodi (and to you) on her grad!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your exam tomorrow, Kodi! Go make your parents proud!

Are bully sticks just rawhide?