Friday, March 21, 2008

Dog days of spring

Sometimes, I wish I had become a teacher so I could have spring breaks, winter breaks, and two months of summer. I doubt I could handle the rest of the job and let's not even mention being underappreciated ... but still... those holidays are tempting.

Today, since neither hubby nor I had to work, we decided to enjoy the beautiful spring weather and take the dog out for a day of fun. We went to Granville Island and had a lovely walk (and the dog didn't even yank on the leash... that much.) We stopped in at Woofles, the doggie bakery, which is tiny but filled with friendly folk. Kodi met several dogs and people. She met a labradoodle (I think) who wanted nothing to do with her nor the other playful dog we met. Of course, Kodi was a little over-hyper and overexcited so I can't really blame the labradoodle for not wanting to get involved in the jumping and pawing and barking. I hope the hyperactivity goes away with age. Then after more walking, we went to Three Dog Bakery. And then after that, we went to the pet supply store. I know - we are total yuppies. Actually, I didn't get Kodi nearly as many treats as I wanted to, because wow, doggie bakeries are expensive! I don't even buy myself cookies at a real bakery because of the price. Haha.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

awww... but weren't you even a little bit tempted to buy a slice of cake from Three Dog Bakery?

chomper and bruiser had their "carrot cake" (hmm...or was it a brownie?) before, and they were really happy.

Feel Good Treat Co. makes good treats too...entirely organic and some are even gluten-free.