Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Once upon a time, I was quite the bookworm. My brother and I used to get dropped off at the mall library while my mother did the grocery shopping. I can still remember the sound of her heels as she came down the stairs to get us, and we would rush to the checkout, arms full of books. She still says that the best moments of peace when we were kids was right after a visit to the library, when we would both be immersed in whatever new book we had borrowed.

Here are some of my favourite reads from childhood:

Ah, it's nice to reminisce. I only owned the first two, but I definitely borrowed the other two more than a few times each. (My husband always thinks it's weird how I can read a book over and over again without getting bored.)

These days it's pretty hard to find the time to read, and whenever I do head to the library, it's either to get movies, or to quickly choose a book. Thus I haven't been able to find a really good read lately. I never really ask people what they like to read, as it's difficult for me to say what I like to read, so I don't feel I can trust their recommendations. Either that, or people around me just don't read very much. I suppose when there's such thrilling TV on as "Celebrity Duets", who wants to waste their time cracking open a book.

Aside from work-related reading, I have found myself reading blogs as a hobby ... there's Pink and Dooce, of course, and I also like Mimi Smartypants's Diary and Sweet Juniper. Sometimes it's just so cathartic to read something hilarious and totally unrelated to the stress in my life or in my workplace. Would that more people blogged about their lives so that nosy folks* like myself would be entertained ...

*Speaking of nosy folks, here's a tiny shout-out to the Tsang family! (Just kidding about the nosy remark!) Tell your dad that this blog is not appropriate for sabotaging, if that should be his intention .. but he's welcome to cyberstalk me from Boston. We miss you guys lots and will try to visit y'all sometime!*

Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's amazing how quickly I can be messy

I'll quickly describe our trip to SF as "pretty fun". One of the best events that happened there is that I got a call from the Law Society to say that I didn't royally screw up my bar exams, and I can finally be a lawyer (after some stressful paperwork.) Of course, the wedding was nice and everyone had a good time. There were some really rowdy people at the wedding, and for once, it wasn't us! Shocking, I know. I didn't know before that even when there isn't an open bar and even when people don't buy drinks, they will still drink ridiculously, thanks to wine on the tables. Our table went through like five bottles of wine ... not really the bride's intention, but she should have assigned someone to keep an eye on her non-RCAC friends.

Here are a few pictures to entertain you (if they look pixelly, just click to see the full size pic):

Anyway. When I left work in May, my desk was fairly clean - I managed to finish most of my work, or turf it to someone else ... but when I got back, there were a few neat piles of work to do. Hey, no problem, I can keep my desk clean right? WRONG! It's only been three days, but my desk is a disaster again, and at least two files are just sitting on the ground. Ugh. I must get my act together soon, it's becoming embarrassing (not really - but I like neatness.) People really should stop giving me work to do. Haha!

My call ceremony (the formality of being called to the bar) is on September 22. I have the honour of having to wear robes that day. Man, are they expensive... and unattractive :) When I get mine, I will have to post a picture. We've been spending money like it's going out of style. Not good.