Thursday, September 27, 2007


If you've been to our house before and you're a neat freak, thank you for not commenting on the constant disarray of our living space. I am definitely not a neat freak, but even I find the mess a little overwhelming at times. The difficulty is that there always seems to be something else to do rather than clean. We like to have people over and that definitely doesn't help with the need to clean - more people, more mess.

But it's fall, and I think a good time to get the house into good shape for winter. My goal is to get the hubby to start finding better places for all of his sports gear. Yesterday I said to him that I seem to have hardly anything in the house - everywhere I look it's hockey stuff, or golf stuff, or computer or work-related stuff that isn't mine. Even the storage in our bedroom is uneven - I get 5 drawers, he has 6, I get slightly less than half the closet (it's not clothes that take up his side - it's STUFF.) While I don't claim to be terribly organized, I do think that I tend toward getting rid of stuff rather than being a pack rat (like my brother - hello Andrew!) The only thing I've held onto with no real idea as to its future is my wedding dress. The hubby, however, is more of a collector and so we have some work to do in de-collecting.

In one effort to get myself going re: housework, I bought a laundry basket. You might not know this, but our hamper is actually a drink cooler in the shape of R2D2. It's quirky, but not that practical for laundry. It wasn't my choice for a hamper. Over the years, I've slowly taken over laundry in this house. The hubby is now prohibited from doing any laundry that involves my clothes... I got tired of pulling things out of the dryer that really shouldn't have gone in. I also felt like a nag every time I said that jeans HAD to be turned inside out before washing, and, well, I'll stop now before my laundry-related OCD comes out. So anyway, new laundry basket! It's been a great addition because now I can transport clothing without rolling R2D2 all over the place. R2D2 is probably a little jealous since he doesn't get to move around much any more. What he doesn't know is that there is a whole other R2D2 sitting in another bedroom, waiting to take over as laundry hamper #2. Did I mention how boys are weird?

I had a discussion with some teens once about laundry - in particular, the sock/underwear drawer. Some of them were of the type who throw everything into the drawer without any folding or sock-matching. Ridiculous! Even though I basically own 12 pairs of the exact same sock, I always match them up (and roll them up) before they go in the drawer. And underwear is ALWAYS folded.

So if I tell you I have to organize my sock drawer rather than going out, at least you know I'm not avoiding you - I'm just being domestic!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dark clouds

I've been in a bit of a funk lately because of all of the stuff that keeps happening. We had to have the hubby's family dog put down and that has really been upsetting, not least because of the impact on the hubby and his family, and the very sad feeling I get when we go over there and May-May isn't there to greet us. She was a great dog. I guess we just have to remember the good times - like when she stayed with us and curled up at my feet to sleep (after frantically searching the house for the hubby, who was out) ... anyway. I miss her.

Work has been a bundle of irritations and office politics. It's hard to focus sometimes and I find that my temper is always right under the surface, waiting to explode. I'm not a terribly gentle person sometimes and I wish I was nicer. I don't know if that can change or if I just need to adjust my attitude somewhat. I think (and hope) that underneath my irritability lies a compassionate person. Of course, I may just be fooling myself.

My cell phone died a painful death two Saturdays ago. It was kind enough to display a little tombstone with "RIP - Re-Initiate Phone" written next to a tiny cell phone. I can't tell you how thrilled I was that the software programmers for my phone were so creative.

Anyway, the hubby ordered me a new cell phone with new, fabulous cell phone plan he negotiated last week. The cell phone folks promised 3-5 business days for said phone to arrive, and yesterday (6th business day) we were informed that it had not been sent out yet. I am not glued to a cell phone like some folks are, but I do like to have one handy in case of emergencies, and to be able to call when I am late, traffic is crappy, or I have made an unexpected detour. As well, I like to be able to call people when I feel like it. So as you can imagine, I am a little ticked that my new phone has not yet arrived and probably will not for several more days. Adding insult to injury, I am still being charged for a cell phone plan I cannot use, since my phone informed me of its death. I could have walked into a store and purchased a phone by now, but did not because of aforementioned new, fabulous cell phone plan. Given that it hasn't even been activated yet, I am in cell phone limbo and it is an unhappy place.

*note: coincidentally, I just answered a call at work from some folks at my soon-to-be cell phone provider offering us some glitzy plan. I considered asking the guy to send me my phone already dang you but decided to just forego it and tell him we weren't interested. He can, and I quote, definitely understand where we're coming from. Can he really? I think not.

Also, I am still in summer mode, but the weather is uncooperative. I hate all forms of winter.

I'm going to go and eat a bowl of noodles. Surely some comfort food will improve my mood.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

How deep the Father's love for us

We went to the funeral service for Josh today. Most of you probably know already, but the reason we went is because the hubby used to work with Josh's dad. This whole event has hit me rather hard. I didn't know the family very well at all, so I think it is just knowing that they are suffering which hurts me the most. What do you say, what do you do to comfort someone who might be beyond despair, beyond hope? How can you reconcile a good and loving God with a tragedy where a little boy is so suddenly gone from this world?

The service was beautifully done. The pastor spoke about how Jesus called the little children to him, and how God called Josh home early to be with him. I believe he is in heaven, but is that enough for a family that has lost their son and brother? It doesn't take away the pain. From what everyone shared about him, he was a little boy who loved to run and play and ride his bike ... he was a caring person who always made sure that the boy in his class who needed help received help ... he was a good big brother to his sisters, and he loved his parents tremendously.

In all of this, I just can't say any more than that I know our Lord hears us when we cry, and that he will comfort those who are suffering. I know so because I've lost loved ones... but I cannot even imagine the pain of losing a child.... and so I can only place my faith in God again and his promise to carry us through to the end of this long, difficult walk of life.

Please keep praying for Josh's family. May our God draw them close.

From a song by Michael Olson:

And so we wait in joyful hope
For You to come and take us home
And so we join beneath the cross
And suffering from whence we go
The greatest act of sovereign grace
In the universe displayed
For everything must die to rise again

On the third day, behold the King
On the third day, death has no sting
On the third day, we're forgiven and reconciled

Thursday, September 06, 2007

What a girl wants

I was going to write a blog about relationships, and what I think girls want out of relationships, and then I wrote it about three times and was dissatisfied, so it has now turned into a totally different post. You see, although I am married, I am most definitely not a relationship guru. I do, however, listen to a morning radio show where frequently one of the hosts talks about the latest (ridiculous) relationship guru book that s/he just read. Maybe one day I'll blog about that.

No, instead, today I'll tell you about the day I recently spent in court. That's right, I said day. For a matter that was to last 20 minutes. You can imagine my delight. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say that it's worth it to develop a coherent argument that flows rather than to speak completely off the cuff. Just a little tip. What I want to share is my biggest lesson of the day - good shoes are completely worth the money.

I am typically a very cheap person when it comes to clothing and shoes. It's not uncommon for me to reject an item if it costs more than $20. You know it's bad when you get excited about cheap clothing at the grocery store. I once bought shoes for $8 at Payless, and they were great ... to look at. Of course, you get what you pay for most of the time.

So when I was in the States in the summer, I decided I was going to buy myself a comfortable pair of dressy flats for court, and that I was not going to let price stop me from making a good purchase. I went to the fabulous Nordstrom Rack and spent literally hours looking at the shoes. And I ended up with these (in black patent)!
You're probably thinking that these aren't very flat. So true! But aren't they LOVELY?? The best part is that they are leather with leather soles, and despite the 3" heels, I wore them all day and my feet were fine. I spent $50 US, which is kinda tough for me, honestly ... but leather! with leather soles!

I spent much of my day admiring my shoes ... I mean, when you're spending your entire day listening to ridiculous argument, you may as well ogle your own footwear!