Sunday, September 09, 2007

How deep the Father's love for us

We went to the funeral service for Josh today. Most of you probably know already, but the reason we went is because the hubby used to work with Josh's dad. This whole event has hit me rather hard. I didn't know the family very well at all, so I think it is just knowing that they are suffering which hurts me the most. What do you say, what do you do to comfort someone who might be beyond despair, beyond hope? How can you reconcile a good and loving God with a tragedy where a little boy is so suddenly gone from this world?

The service was beautifully done. The pastor spoke about how Jesus called the little children to him, and how God called Josh home early to be with him. I believe he is in heaven, but is that enough for a family that has lost their son and brother? It doesn't take away the pain. From what everyone shared about him, he was a little boy who loved to run and play and ride his bike ... he was a caring person who always made sure that the boy in his class who needed help received help ... he was a good big brother to his sisters, and he loved his parents tremendously.

In all of this, I just can't say any more than that I know our Lord hears us when we cry, and that he will comfort those who are suffering. I know so because I've lost loved ones... but I cannot even imagine the pain of losing a child.... and so I can only place my faith in God again and his promise to carry us through to the end of this long, difficult walk of life.

Please keep praying for Josh's family. May our God draw them close.

From a song by Michael Olson:

And so we wait in joyful hope
For You to come and take us home
And so we join beneath the cross
And suffering from whence we go
The greatest act of sovereign grace
In the universe displayed
For everything must die to rise again

On the third day, behold the King
On the third day, death has no sting
On the third day, we're forgiven and reconciled

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