Friday, September 21, 2007

Dark clouds

I've been in a bit of a funk lately because of all of the stuff that keeps happening. We had to have the hubby's family dog put down and that has really been upsetting, not least because of the impact on the hubby and his family, and the very sad feeling I get when we go over there and May-May isn't there to greet us. She was a great dog. I guess we just have to remember the good times - like when she stayed with us and curled up at my feet to sleep (after frantically searching the house for the hubby, who was out) ... anyway. I miss her.

Work has been a bundle of irritations and office politics. It's hard to focus sometimes and I find that my temper is always right under the surface, waiting to explode. I'm not a terribly gentle person sometimes and I wish I was nicer. I don't know if that can change or if I just need to adjust my attitude somewhat. I think (and hope) that underneath my irritability lies a compassionate person. Of course, I may just be fooling myself.

My cell phone died a painful death two Saturdays ago. It was kind enough to display a little tombstone with "RIP - Re-Initiate Phone" written next to a tiny cell phone. I can't tell you how thrilled I was that the software programmers for my phone were so creative.

Anyway, the hubby ordered me a new cell phone with new, fabulous cell phone plan he negotiated last week. The cell phone folks promised 3-5 business days for said phone to arrive, and yesterday (6th business day) we were informed that it had not been sent out yet. I am not glued to a cell phone like some folks are, but I do like to have one handy in case of emergencies, and to be able to call when I am late, traffic is crappy, or I have made an unexpected detour. As well, I like to be able to call people when I feel like it. So as you can imagine, I am a little ticked that my new phone has not yet arrived and probably will not for several more days. Adding insult to injury, I am still being charged for a cell phone plan I cannot use, since my phone informed me of its death. I could have walked into a store and purchased a phone by now, but did not because of aforementioned new, fabulous cell phone plan. Given that it hasn't even been activated yet, I am in cell phone limbo and it is an unhappy place.

*note: coincidentally, I just answered a call at work from some folks at my soon-to-be cell phone provider offering us some glitzy plan. I considered asking the guy to send me my phone already dang you but decided to just forego it and tell him we weren't interested. He can, and I quote, definitely understand where we're coming from. Can he really? I think not.

Also, I am still in summer mode, but the weather is uncooperative. I hate all forms of winter.

I'm going to go and eat a bowl of noodles. Surely some comfort food will improve my mood.

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