Thursday, September 06, 2007

What a girl wants

I was going to write a blog about relationships, and what I think girls want out of relationships, and then I wrote it about three times and was dissatisfied, so it has now turned into a totally different post. You see, although I am married, I am most definitely not a relationship guru. I do, however, listen to a morning radio show where frequently one of the hosts talks about the latest (ridiculous) relationship guru book that s/he just read. Maybe one day I'll blog about that.

No, instead, today I'll tell you about the day I recently spent in court. That's right, I said day. For a matter that was to last 20 minutes. You can imagine my delight. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say that it's worth it to develop a coherent argument that flows rather than to speak completely off the cuff. Just a little tip. What I want to share is my biggest lesson of the day - good shoes are completely worth the money.

I am typically a very cheap person when it comes to clothing and shoes. It's not uncommon for me to reject an item if it costs more than $20. You know it's bad when you get excited about cheap clothing at the grocery store. I once bought shoes for $8 at Payless, and they were great ... to look at. Of course, you get what you pay for most of the time.

So when I was in the States in the summer, I decided I was going to buy myself a comfortable pair of dressy flats for court, and that I was not going to let price stop me from making a good purchase. I went to the fabulous Nordstrom Rack and spent literally hours looking at the shoes. And I ended up with these (in black patent)!
You're probably thinking that these aren't very flat. So true! But aren't they LOVELY?? The best part is that they are leather with leather soles, and despite the 3" heels, I wore them all day and my feet were fine. I spent $50 US, which is kinda tough for me, honestly ... but leather! with leather soles!

I spent much of my day admiring my shoes ... I mean, when you're spending your entire day listening to ridiculous argument, you may as well ogle your own footwear!


ArC said...

Those don't look comfortable at all! But then again, if I'm wearing shoes that aren't my Nike Frees, I'm probably not in comfortable shoes.

(Did I tell you that I finally figured out this year that my feet are probably 'E' width rather than the more standard 'D's?)

Tree said...

I love those shoes!