Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I love breakfast. I rarely eat breakfast, but when I do, it's enjoyable. Seems like no one really eats breakfast on a regular basis. I think my problem is that I get up too late. But since I hate mornings, that bad habit is unlikely to change.

But when I do eat breakfast, here are my favourite foods:

1. Chinese "bao"s. My favourite is "gai may bao" - mm... buttery goodness. I also like "boh loh cha siu bao", but I don't like "boh loh bao". I am a fan of Pine House for "baos" - but there aren't really any that are convenient on my way to work. Hubs isn't that fond of Chinese baos, having grown up with them. My least favourite bao is this ham and green onion roll. I ate one once as a kid and felt nauseated for a full day - now even the smell of them makes me gag a little.

2. Eggs (scrambled or sunny side up), bacon, hashbrowns, and toast. This is either known as camping breakfast, in which the caloric content is very high (which happens when you fry your hashbrowns and eggs in bacon fat) or Golden Coin breakfast, in which the caloric content is ... very high. Needless to say this is not a weekly breakfast.

3. Chocolate croissant. The best were the ones I used to eat at Bread Garden, but now that Bread Garden sucks, I have switched over to Starbucks. (I like Blenz coffees - but a) inconvenient locations and b) crappy pastries.) Calories? High. Deliciousness? HIGH.

4. Cereal. NOT. I cannot stand cereal. When I find a cereal I like, I eat about two bowls before I realize that once again, I cannot stand cereal. Maybe I eat it too slow - I hate how it gets soggy near the end. I know someone who puts water in his cereal instead of milk. Blearrgh.

5. Dim sum. I didn't much like dim sum as a kid, but as an adult, it's made its way back into my life quite easily. On occasion, hubby and I have gone for dim sum and spent only about $8. My favourite dim sum item is "loh bak goh". My least favourite is chicken feet which the hubs insists on eating.

These days at work, if I have time, I make myself a latte or tea misto in the morning. I nurse it until lunchtime (go go Starbucks thermal cup.) Pretty sad breakfast.... maybe one day I'll get organized enough to pack myself something in the morning.


ArC said...

I've forgotten what all those 'bao's are.

I highly advise adding some sauteed onions and cheese to your eggs there. And ham.

Cereal - I eat cereal for breakfast about five times a week or more. I actually don't like crunch, so soggy cereal is fine by me.

Chocolate croissant -- really, Starbucks is good? I've usually been sorely disappointed with their crummy pastries.

Dim sum -- I'm still not a fan.

Jo said...

I dislike soggy cereal too, so now I eat it with yogurt! My all-time favorite cereal is Kellogg's Special K vanilla almonds cereal mixed with fat free low sugar french vanilla yogurt, it's almost like a yogurt parfait (if you like that kinda stuff), and it doesn't get soggy. In the summer, I add blueberries or strawberries but when fruits are too expensive, I add bulk chopped nuts or raisins. When the Special K isn't on sale, I opt for Raisin Bran :P

Give it a try, if you like yogurt that is! :)

When I really run out of time (or get too lazy), I just take a mug filled with soy milk to go. Soy milk really fills me up in the morning.

Tree said...

Mmm...chicken feet. They remind me of ET's hands, but I love to eat them. There isn't a dim sum dish I don't like, but I actually don't consider dim sum as breakfast.