Monday, February 25, 2008

Growing up

Lately I've been thinking about adulthood and how I don't really feel like an adult. I have friends who have purchased a place of their own, I have other friends who are moving out or who have already moved out to live on their own... and as for my situation - someone said to me the other day that I was so lucky to marry someone who had already paid off his house. (Not true! The bank still demands money from us!) So apparently at least one person in my life thinks that I fell into this delightful situation of home ownership by some combination of luck and good looks. (I added that part.)

I'm definitely lucky. Hubs bought this house without my input or initial financial contribution (I don't even think I was in town at the time.) He did the renovations, painted the whole house, carpeted and laid tile, and all I did was belittle the (former) shag carpeting and move my darn self in the day we got married. Oh, and then I complained about the lack of closet space. I'm so helpful.

This "luck", however, comes with feeling a little behind in life... aside from nosing around at some open houses, I've never actually had to look for a place to rent or buy. I've never had to apply for a mortgage. I've "rented" before (in the Hat) but I hardly call that living on my own. I've never even purchased a car. If we choose to rebuild one day, I might never get to actually hire an agent and go through the buying process. This isn't intended to be a whine - I am super grateful to God for everything I have. I sometimes just wish I had gone through the process of getting to where we are, rather than being on the outside watching. Sort of ridiculous to think this way, I know. I'm just musing.


Today we signed the dog up for puppy daycare. I am heading for a very busy couple of months at work, and it will help tremendously to have somewhere for her to go on the days that she can't come with me to work. Also it helps tremendously that I found a place that is significantly cheaper than the other spots at which I inquired. It's just pennies a day! Many many pennies! But far less pennies than the other place. Actually it is half the price compared to the place near my work, but then again this daycare won't take her for off-leash runs through the mountains. Oh well, she's too young for off-leash running in any event.

I just received some sad news about someone I was acquainted with. He died in an accident leaving behind a wife and kids. Life is so incredibly short. I can't even begin to imagine what the family is going through. Keep them in your prayers.

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