Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Kodi is getting much, much bigger... she's probably reaching 25 pounds now!

Here are some of her interesting and funny quirks:
- she thinks everything in the kitchen is hers and that all food is being prepared for her
- she does a good "dance"
- she will put herself to bed when tired
- this morning I found her sitting in our laundry basket (on top of the clean clothes)
- if she chews something you don't want her to chew, you just have to show it to her and say NO and she'll never touch it again.
- at work, she sleeps at my feet instead of on the dog bed
- she will eat every single treat or kibble with the same vigour... although at least it takes her more than 5 seconds to eat her meals now!
- sometimes, she'll be really curious about the dogs on TV and will approach the TV to see where the dogs are
- she naps for hours at a time
- she knows when she is in trouble and will try to avoid our gaze when she has been bad

And here are some of her more irritating quirks:
- when she is tired, she acts like a spoiled, cranky toddler - she puts everything in her mouth and runs away when told to come
- she constantly pulls on her leash instead of walking nicely, even though she is choking herself by pulling
- she is an early riser... obviously she does not take after her parents
- she thinks all food and everything with a crinkly wrapper is for her - despite never having received food from our table, she'll always try to give the puppy eyes for food
- she has to greet every single person who is within one block's radius when on a walk

I can't believe how fast she is growing - soon my puppy will be a big, big dog with a big wagging tail. Well, maybe she'll calm down a little by that point. And then I will get a second puppy! Just kidding.

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Jo said...

Isn't it cool every doggie has a unique personality of his/her own?

I haven't met Kodi yet, but she sounds like an amazing, adorable girl. I love reading your entries about Kodi (need more pics and videos tho!). Ok, I like reading your ranting entries too ;) Dogs are my favorite animal, they have so much love to give! Now if only my other half likes dogs as much as I do...

Good choice on choosing the lab breed!