Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas means to be my love

No it doesn't!

Re: previous blog - no updates. Friend was told about the friends-of-a-friend and he leans towards the more athletic one. Frick - guess the hubby really DOES know his own friends better. Who woulda thunk it. Looks like I'm gonna lose this bet.

We're watching Christmas football right now. It must be irritating for the hubby as I really don't watch enough football to know what is going on. So there are silly questions in abundance. For example, why is Tony Romo hugging Carrie Underwood if he is dating Jessica Simpson? (Frankly - I'd go with Carrie over Jessica... she doesn't have the chin dimple thing.) Or, does Tony Romo make ribs? :D

Okay. Time to go bring on the Christmas cheer. See you all later.

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vespertine said...

I am commenting again! Because...isn't Jessica Simpson dating John Mayer?
and your comment on my comment...HMMM...maybe I'm just not very good at "reading between the lines". *Blush*