Thursday, December 07, 2006

18 days till Christmas

Bonjour! Currently I'm sitting on the couch at home and am about to enjoy a yummy apple cider. It's been a busy week at work. I think we're going to trial on Monday. Hmmmm... that should be interesting. More updates to come.

We still don't have our Christmas tree and I doubt we'll get one this weekend. Sigh! Maybe on Monday.


Okay! Apple cider - check. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire - nope. Jack Frost nipping at my nose - nope - but my hands are cold. Cookies baking in the oven - maybe later.

I keep seeing ads for stuff to give kids this year and it seems like so much of it is electronic. There are so many items that promise to teach your kids (like this and this) - it makes me wonder whether we have become so dependent on our "modern" world that the old school way of learning has gone by the wayside. When we were kids, my mom used to take us to the library every week and we would come home with piles of books. (The hubby thinks this is so nerdy of me - but whatever!) It's strange that kids don't really read any more. I suppose the fast pace of the 21st century has taken over.

Today, I was thinking about consumerism and how Christmas has turned from being a joyful day to celebrate Christ's birth... to a day of gifts and a fat guy promoted by Coke. I had these vague thoughts - like - let's say I started a business selling t-shirts*, and I made it a point to hire underprivileged folks.... and the business grew... but the prices of merchandise also grew (as prices often do)... would I not be contributing to the gap between rich and poor? It just makes me wonder if there are solutions to issues like poverty. I don't think my example is a particularly good one and I'm sure there are flaws.... it's just a thought in my head right now though.

*It isn't my ambition to start this type of business, in case you're wondering.

Only 11 days until the official date upon whence we can break open Season 5 of 24 and begin the watching. (Thanks, Euge!) I'll contact you folks if I think you're worthy of watching it with us. Hee!

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