Thursday, December 28, 2006

Midnight at the oasis

Er... I mean... 7PM at the Garage....

Much to my delight, Chatty McChatterson didn't show up for last night's game. I got confused by what hubby said, but apparently she is not a half season ticket holder - she shares a full season ticket package between four friends or some such nonsense. If you haven't heard, Chatty McChatterson is my current nemesis at the Canucks games. Former nemeses (?) include the drunkards in the Molson Canadian zone and the girl who kicked me in the back last year. Some of you may have met Chatty, or, had the misfortune of sitting next to her. She has the ability to talk through an entire game and yes, drown out the crowd with her tinny (no, I don't mean tiny) but piercing voice. Plus, she likes to turn her head so it faces my ear in order to talk. And the stuff she talks about relates in no way to the game. It's all about how she broke up with this guy (a likely story) or how some friend or other has done something stupid (sure, a "friend"). Very irritating.

Last night, Chatty's other friends, Clueless and More Clueless showed up instead. I was thrilled - at first. Sadly, last night, GMC Chevrolet decided to give out these ridiculous "bambam" sticks - you know, those inflatable ones that make an insufferable noise when you hit them together - often seen at basketball games. More Clueless decided that he needed to hit them together at every possible occasion. Now, I'm all about cheering, screaming, clapping, and even hitting the bambam sticks when the Canucks score. But is it necessary to smack the sticks EVERY time the mascot bangs on his drum, even when the mascot is halfway across the arena? Or to continue banging the sticks when even the people in front of you (also in possession of sticks) look at you in disgust? I hate to say it, but Clueless and More Clueless made me long for the days of Chatty McChatterson. I actually said out loud, "Where's Chatty.... I miss her."

It's official - I've lost my mind.

Edit: I forgot to tell you that despite the Chatty gang, it was a great game! Very exciting! And here are the bonus parts to last night:
  1. We found free parking very close by. If you're nice to us, we'll tell you where it is.
  2. We had enough time to eat before the game and bought sushi at T&T. $12 for a meal for two at T&T sure beats $50 at GM Place.
  3. I found a Starbucks card with 88 cents left on it. It's like a Chinese person's dream. Haha!
  4. I got a cool new jacket, and the hubby got one too, but his was 40% off. Smashing deal.

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