Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Is the feasting over?

All good things must come to an end, and that includes fun with family and friends.

We celebrated our second married Christmas by indulging in much eating and game-playing.... so, really, nothing different from every other Christmas! This year the cousins' gift exchange went very well. All of the cousins brought good gifts and we were not disappointed with the strategizing and clamoring for specific gifts. I took home a very cute Pooh bear and the hubby brought home a mug and a weird version of Cranium (after trading movie tix and a Starbucks card with his cousin who didn't want to lug a board game back to Ontario.) One of the cousins brought her boyfriend to Christmas dinner and I told him we would evaluate his performance in order to decide if he would be invited to future family events. He did bring a nice gift for the exchange, but he was not terribly good at Taboo, and he threatened to leave one of the cousins behind instead of driving him home. The jury is still out.

Christmas Eve was also excellent at the godparents' place. Again much eating and also some "cooking", thanks to Elaine for the DS game :) The hubby made a ham and I thoroughly enjoyed it - I normally don't like ham but this one was quite the yum. We sang every single Christmas carol in the hymnal and some of the adults entertained by attempting "O Holy Night". Wow, I didn't know that people could actually hit that high B flat. But then again I am not blessed with that soprano voice. I also didn't know my sight reading sucked so much! Guess that's what happens when you don't practice!

On Boxing Day, we relaxed at home by inviting all the 24 fans over to do a little season 5 watching. Rules were set in place (like no talking) but promptly broken. Sometimes it's all you can do not to comment on President Logan. Anyway, did I mention the eating? As there was, again, much! It takes a lot of energy to get through 8 episodes in one day. To celebrate Boxing Day, there was some real boxing going on. I'll post a picture later.

Well, just as I was working myself into loving the time off, I've had to go back to work. Blah.... here begins the long haul, where there are no long weekends between January and Easter. At least it was great to have so many people around this year for the holidays!

Hope you all had great Christmases too.

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