Monday, November 13, 2006

Canada's Worst Driver

Has anyone seen this show? It is hilarious. I love how the drivers take no responsibility for their awful habits, and how almost everyone hits a ton of obstacles on the passenger's side, but almost none on the driver's side.

I'll admit that most of the tasks they are given are pretty challenging, but it is incredible how terrible they are. On this task, they are required to back down a narrow "driveway" onto an island surrounded by a muddy moat. Once on the island, they are supposed to make a six point turn, so that they will turn a full 360 degrees, and drive back off the island.

The first lady has already ended up in the muddy ditch, and she had to be pulled out by a huge truck with a short chain, and then she ended up rear-ending the truck once she was out. Haha! She is not only a truly horrible driver, but she also has bad vision, and refuses to wear her glasses when driving.

I love this show. They are awesome! Backing up while only looking backward... taking 16 turns for a regular 3 point turn... ahhh... hilarious.

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vespertine said...

I think I might cringe too much while watching it.
Speaking of bad drivers, I saw a lady today who parallel parked half her car on the sidewalk...then paused...then came out of the car walking towards the sidewalk, looked at said car...and walked away.
(She was NOT in a hurry either)
Perhaps she should be nominated for the show.