Friday, November 24, 2006

Worth noting

1. Dear Canucks - I'm still a fan. Try not to have too many stinkers though.

2. PJ - hey - we still beat the Wings and I notice you didn't comment about that. Hiding your head in shame, I imagine? Three unanswered goals. Take that, I say to your 50-year-old goalie. The glory days are over... the Dominator has become... the Domino? He sure falls down a lot.

3. I am not a big Luongo fan and never really was. I still support the organization though.

4. I got snarked at by a barista today because she messed up my drink and somehow it wasn't her fault. I would just like to point out that I was extremely polite - yet nothing in return. Well, Merry Christmas to you too, grouchy.

5. I need a GPS navigational system - one that tells me where to go and where to turn. Driving through Surrey with only a vague idea of how to get where I'm going is unwise.


ArC said...

Ehem. FS sells GPSes... I could probably hook you up.

Dave Nonis said...

Oh hey, didn't know you were interested in my reflections on the Van Det showdown last week. Here's my take, Vancouver for some reason, seems to have "Detroit's number" so to say. They play them very well, so far this year, head to head, the Canucks are 2-1. Last week's game, Vancouver showed what kind of team they could be if they played 60 minutes every night (then they laid an egg in Nashville). BUT, as you know, the season is not about beating Detroit, at this point, it is about getting into the playoffs. There is no glory for a 9th placed team that has a winning record against Detroit :>. Your team is perilously close, fluttering between 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th. They should easily be in the top 4 with all the changes in players, most notably a 'premier' goalie. Btw, if you look at the NHL stats for goalies, I'd say that there is no better bang for the buck than the Dominator, he is #1 or 2 whereas Luongo is around 10-11. The Canuckleheads are averaging a point a game and if we do the math, they'll have 82 points at the end of the regular season. All of this evidence, your honour :>, I submit as exhibit A in the case for moving on from the Canucks.

On another note, same blog topic, try, they have writeups about all the different GPS models. Garmin, TOMTOM are good brands, I borrowed a friends's Garmin once when I came to Boston and it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. The feature that you want to think about is text to speech, if you have this, the unit will actually say, 'turn right at Granville', otherwise it just says, as you approach a turn, 'turn right in 200 metres' FS just had a TOMTOM on sale, $200 off, if there are anymore, that is a good one. I ended up getting one for my cross continental tour and for Boston streets.

(Sorry for the long reply)

snerk said...

Mmmm... when the Canucks are still cooking them Wings... I'll still be snacking on them and supporting the Canucks. I actually don't think they were projected to be in the top 4... actually many predicted they'd be around .500 - not a very offensively strong team - but I don't care - as long as they're better than your team, I'm happy :D

euge said...

hey, Nashville smoked the Wings over the weekend too. And what's the prediction on when Hasek will be out with some season-ending injury... maybe mid-February? ;)

PJ said...

Just for the record, Detroit lost 6-2 to Nashville, which by my algrebraic formulation means that the Wings are 1/3 better than the Canucks ... hahaha. And oh, by Feb when Hasek goes down, we'll just rent a goalie for the playoff run whereas you might be able to see Luongo, Nazzy, and the Sedins playing a round at Furry Creek. NEways, we've got a mutal team that is giving us migranes on Sun nights!