Thursday, November 09, 2006

Commentary on Junior's post

Really briefly glanced at E's post about the "stereotypical" Chinese family and was musing as to whether I'm part of that stereotype. I guess it's hard to say, since it depends on your definition of that stereotype. I definitely didn't become a lawyer for the money, so does that qualify me as anti-Asian? If it helps, I also don't really like to eat white rice very often, and I almost always have a cold beverage during my meal, not afterward.

I do drive a small Japanese car, though... and as previously noted, I am also very cheap... hmm. Looks like it balances out!

1 comment:

vespertine said...

Wow...a commentary/post quasi inspired by me! I am so honoured!=)

I think your "frugalness/frugality" definitely makes you extra Chinese ;) It's a special trademark.