Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Changing my mind

I was going to write a post inspired by something I read on a friend's blog - but I decided not to, in case said friend reads the post and is offended. I doubt said friend actually reads my blog, but let us not tempt that which I will refer to as fate.

Instead let's talk about ... umm.... condiments. Currently I am watching The Shopping Bags and they are talking about ketchup, which is possibly my least favourite condiment, next to relish and sauerkraut. (My hot dogs only have mustard and onions.) A bunch of boys are the ketchup testers - these are kids who will eat ketchup with everything. Rice, vegetables, fries, meat, etc. Disgusting! There are very few condiments that I actually enjoy enough to eat on a wide variety of foods.... although the hubby did make a delicious XO sauce recently that is pretty yum. I think my brother was one of those "ketchup goes with everything" people (maybe he still is... eh?).

The Shopping Bags is quite the fun show.

I'm distracted right now. The hubby is on the phone with his mom. I think they are having a mouse problem over there. Despite (perhaps because of?) my previous life as a science research student working with rodents, I admit to still being upset by mice and rats. Apparently the hubby's mom saw a mouse come up the stairs - it looked at her and ran away. Ick!! So scary!! I'd offer to help but, um, nope, too gross.


echau said...

it's funny how you mentioned that someone might get offended by your blog content...
cuz I can think of at least one person who reads your blog AND loves ketchup with a passion...hahha=)

in regards to mice...maybe I can send my brother over to help with the situation. about a decade ago, my mom trapped him in the bathroom with a mouse and broom. so that he could kill it.

poe said...

echau, would that be me you were refering to? ketchup DOES go with everything! i like to squirt some in my fried rice... on my toast with melted cheese...on my 53 cents ikea hot dog... there are a million ways to enjoy ketchup!

hmm... your mouse story brought to mind the time an angry rat ran loose at church during choir practice (or something), and it was eventually caught by someone using a giant soup pot.
i wonder if that person banged on the pot like a drum to make the rat dizzy...

great minds think alike said...

hey, I was going to say ketchup goes great with fried rice and grilled cheese sandwiches too ... great minds think alike!

On another note Y, your hubby out of the 'blue' sends me pics of his new purchase(s), did you tell him to ... hahaha. Some things change but some things don't. I suppose you could go and visit the Lanes for some post marital discussions but then F would not be of great help on this particular issue. I think that warrants your GPS, one with bells and whistles :>

ArC said...

I do like ketchup with eggs, and fried rice, and lots of things.

But never on a hot dog.