Friday, November 03, 2006


It's been a very long week and I'm anxious for it to be over. This week I have driven to or at least by what feels like every single city in the Lower Mainland. I have met four dogs (all big ones) (five if you count my boss' little dog, who of course I've met before, so no, she doesn't count), and three cats (two friendly, one scaredy). I've stepped in two deep puddles (neither was animal-related - let's be thankful) and have been caught in the rain without a hood only three or four times. I've eaten approximately six pieces of Halloween candy. I've had Starbucks twice and Wendy's once. I have been thinking far too much. I am exhausted.

I love weekends.... almost as much as I love summer.

Praise God for getting me through another week.


vespertine said...

Mm...sounds like a stressful week! Your comment made me laugh...because there are seriously PEOPLE WHO DO THAT. I really think expressing my crazy angry side is more fun than my melancholic poetic side...I'll aim to be "more anger, more often"!
and oh yes, I must give credit to "dooce" for my use of capital letters...she does it oh so well.

Jason Cheung said...

Okay: Praise God!