Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day of childish games

Today was rather entertaining. Char received a lovely gift which was promptly opened and played with (competitively of course), to the squeals and delight of everyone except a small baby who doesn't like when other people scream. Here's a picture to give you an idea - except that Char's didn't look so much like Nemo.

Then, we headed over to the Dream House* to watch the Grey Cup... and since I don't really care for football, I played Go Fish, Hungry Hungry Hippo Frog, and Hide and Seek.

I'm pretty awful at Hide and Seek. Sometimes, I like to just sit and wait for the hiders to get bored and come out. Why work at it when waiting produces the same result... Can't say I'm too good at the other games either. Sigh.

I did manage to figure out the magic trick though, so at least it wasn't a totally poor day, games-wise.

*It has granite countertops AND hardwood flooring AND an upstairs laundry room. Drooool.

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char said...

to add to All Kinds of Crazy's entry, we also had a sore loser (whose name rhymes with Sleeman) quit 'cuz he couldn't catch even one fish. sure sure... the pressure of everyone expecting him to do well affected his performance...*roll eyes*