Monday, November 27, 2006

Winter sucks the big one

I said once that summer is my favourite season... and I think this weekend's weather really emphasizes my love of summer. Our gazebo collapsed under the weight of the snow... It took me twice as long as normal to get to work today (including 15 minutes of de-snowing my car) and that was only because I took the Oak St bridge which had virtually no traffic. Ugh! Snow is just the worst. I can think of virtually no redeeming characteristics of snow. Sure, yesterday I had some fun building a snow chair and a snow horse with some of my favourite kids - but really - isn't a hot summer day so much more fun... ugh. To all those who raved, "Snow is awesome!" - all I can say is Shut up! No it's not!

Moving on. This weekend, the hubby and I tried to buy our (second ever!) Christmas tree - but we couldn't really decide on whether to get the Home Depot $20 tree, or spring for the fancier (and more fragrant) Noble firs at the local tree farm/place/thingy. In the end we decided that we'll probably get a $15 tree at Ikea next weekend. I suppose $80 for a tree is a bit steep considering you toss it out at the end of the season. Although I really dislike winter, I do enjoy Christmas.. it's always a good time. We tidied up the house so that we could decorate for Christmas, but so far the only decoration up is my Purdy's Advent Calendar. Yay!

PS: Hey PJ - thanks for the website on GPS systems. Is this system the one that you were referring to on sale? It does seem like a good price although no text-to-speech - but maybe I could do without that...


PJ said...

Yup, that's the one. Generally good reviews on Garmin & TomTom. The one that I ended up getting doesn't have text to speech either, I survive. If you see a Garmin c330 (basic), c530 (nicer screen) or Nuvi 350 (all the bells and whistles and text to speech)on sale, those would be good units too. Good luck! Maybe I should drop hint to your hubby who might be looking for a Christmas present for his honey :>.

snerk said...

Heh - we don't do Christmas presents much - mostly b/c one of us just buys whatever he wants anyway :D Be sure to ask what his most recent purchase(s) have been!