Friday, November 17, 2006

Questions to ponder (or answer)

1. There's a boil water advisory in your area - all water has to be boiled, including for brushing your teeth and washing your food. Do you:

a) start boiling up some water, or
b) spend your hard-earned money on bottled water.

2. Your faithful, four-year-old laptop gives you warning signs that all is not well (eg: screen appears to want to detach from keyboard.) Do you:

a) buy a new laptop immediately,
b) wait until "Old Faithful" dies a painful, inconvenient death and then buy a replacement,
c) ignore all warning signs and duct tape screen to keyboard portion?

3. Assuming you do eventually have to replace "Old Faithful", do you:

a) buy a Dell again (four years trouble-free surely means something)
b) buy a Macbook (oh - the prettiness)
c) ask, why a laptop? I'm a desktop guy/gal all the way.

1 comment:

ArC said...

1) a - boil water!

2) c - avoid replacements for a while, but I'd start making backups if I was you. And looking into getting some repairs done. And maybe replacing the hard drive. You'll want to be able to make a quick transition if the decision is forced by Old Faithful's untimely conking out.

3) c - I prefer desktops. Anyways, I'd say you might want to consider getting a laptop with a DVD burner (or docking station that has one -- I hate heavy laptops) and/or external HD for backup purposes.