Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ranting is worth it

Since my little diatribe about the Canucks sometime last week, it appears they've listened, buckled down, and won three games straight.

So PJ.... how about them Wings? They sure are tasty when they're roasted by the Canucks!

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Was ranting really worth it? said...

Oh Y … I was hoping that you wouldn’t waver from last week’s moment of epiphany but once again, you’ve fallen for them. They’ll win a few just to tug at your heartstrings and then start their old losing ways. Doesn’t tonight’s game demonstrate their inconsistency? Even Nashville’s 2nd string goalie got some practice ice time and he blanked them too, I know you must find that embarrassing, no? They haven’t changed their ways. Y, I beg of you, and I appeal to your forensic, data, evidentiary, legal mind and not to succumb to your emotions on this one. They are just going to give you this constant heartbreak.

Vancouver 23 games 23 points. Projected points at end of season: 82, 11th place.

It’s not too late, let him go! Once again, I’m here for you, if you need me.