Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Note to self

Always order the Venti Tea Misto. It's the SAME PRICE as the Grande. Oh Starbucks, why must you play with my wallet so.

Further note: apparently at some Starbucks locations, the Tea Misto includes vanilla syrup in the price.... of course, at the Starbucks I visit, I pay an extra 35 cents. Fabulous!

Onan unrelated point: our cell group is making boxes tonight for Operation Christmas Child. Can't wait - this is always the beginning of Christmas preparations for me. I love making those boxes! Soon it will be time to put up the tree. The big debate this year - should we buy the $20 tree from Home Depot (or the $15 tree from Ikea) - or should we spend more (than double!) and cut our own from a tree farm .... those ones are always more fragrant.

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