Sunday, November 12, 2006


Since I was a kid I've always liked open houses. I used to dream about having a huge room with my own bathroom (so I wouldn't have to share with my brother, of course), and one day my mom and I actually saw a house with these benefits. Unfortunately we weren't really in the market, so I never did get my huge room with private bath.

I mention this because our neighbours are selling, and since I can see their house from my living room window, I just found this out yesterday when the realtor put the sign up, along with the Open House sign. Nosy neighbour that I am, I immediately looked up their house on MLS and rushed over to see the open house. I've seen a lot of people drive by and walk through too (interestingly - not a single non-Asian...) We were around when the previous neighbours moved, and at the time we thought "Wow ... can't believe they got so much for the house" ... but then, they did do a ton of renovations. The current owners are looking to make even more of a profit now, having done not a single renovation themselves. I guess the housing market really is insane around here.

Well, I can't blame anyone for paying a high price to live here. We are within walking distance of a Starbucks, so who wouldn't want to live here? Heh.

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ArC said...

Someday everyone will live within walking distance of Starbucks.