Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I really must avoid the morning radio shows...

This morning, the radio hosts decided to chat briefly about last night's Canucks game. Faithful fans will recall that a fluky goal was scored, reminiscent of the Lidstrom-Cloutier disaster some years ago... so the female host (I shall call her "Annoying") said that this fluky goal was scored by "Bieska" and that surely his coach would be mad at him for shooting on net from beyond the red line, because, according to Annoying, "you just don't do that", "you should shoot it in, work the line", "he should have passed it instead", etc.

The male host ("No Less Annoying") clearly knows nothing about hockey, as he didn't even have any comments to make.

I admit, I'm no hockey expert, but what coach would be mad at a player for putting the puck on the net? "Okay team... I know you've been shooting pucks at the net lately but let's change the strategy and pass it around a bit more instead." Grrr! And the worst is how Annoying and No Less Annoying claim to be such huge hockey fans! Boooo urns.

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Jason said...

Clearly not hockey fans, but radio hosts hitching onto the bandwagon-win of last night! =P
Interestingly, I heard Vigneault and the coaching staff were stressing, before last game, for the players to bear down in the offensive zone, to do whatever possible to get shots on the net. I think Bieksa got the message. Or isit Bikesa?