Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Just received some news last week - one of my oldest, bestest friends is expecting her first baby! I am terribly excited for her - not only was she the first of us to get married, but now she's the first of us to be bearing offspring. I remember (it wasn't that long ago) that we were talking about how we are still kids ourselves, so the idea of having kids was pretty frightening.

The hubby and I haven't been married that long, but we do sometimes get asked when we're planning to have kids?

There are many families at church having babies too. In fact sometimes it seems like the babies are taking over the back half of the sanctuary. I like babies (and kids) - they're a lot of fun. I love how they grow up to be real people who can hold real conversations with me.

So all this has got me to thinking.... should we maybe consider... an expansion of our family? And the answer is... YES!

In fact I would love if it was no longer just the two of us... I mean.... wouldn't it be perfect to add.....

wait for it...

Seriously how cute is this little guy? Ahh... it's just a dream for now - but maybe one day I'll get my yellow Lab. Dogs are more fun than kids anyway. Haha!

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