Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Frickin freezing

Those of you in my neck of the woods will probably relate when I complain about the recent cold snap we're facing. Actually I am not REALLY complaining ... I don't really mind cold, I just long for summer instead. But cold is preferable to constant rain, I suppose.

Whenever it gets chilly like this, I'm always reminded of my first month in Medicine Hat several years ago. I arrived there just after New Year's and was totally unprepared for how cold it was. On the flight over from Calgary (the one where they balance the sides of the aircraft based on passengers' weight!) the pilot announced that the weather in the Hat was a brisk -29. At this point I was wearing a sweatshirt with no jacket, and jeans. Because the planes (and the airport) are so small, you have to exit the plane using stairs, rather than the jet bridge you normally see into airports. I don't think I've ever been colder in my life than that day. The Alberta cold is really unique - it gets into you, you feel like everything is frozen, and your face hurts.

That winter was a learning experience for me. Lesson one - never live in Medicine Hat. Just kidding (Mel - don't kill me!). Really, I'm quite thankful for God giving me the opportunity to live somewhere else for several months - I certainly appreciate home much more. I might complain about the rain, but it does bring green grass all year round, and at least my car isn't all sandy/salty from the roads here.

Folks from other parts of Canada often scoff at us westcoasters when we say it's cold. I think they're just jealous. :)

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Meli said...

Hey! MH is one of the most beautiful places to live in!! J/K I heard they had windchill of -25 one night...so be happy you don't have that :)

How are things going? We love reading your blog...you are very entertaining! Say hi to your hubby!