Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happiness is ...

Okay, I normally am a big Starbucks fan as opposed to any other coffee place, but seriously, the best drink EVER is the Dark Chocolate Mocha at Blenz. It is fabulous. Blenz uses real chocolate instead of that syrupy stuff. It's just the right combination of bitterness and sweetness. Yum.

Well, we're off to Mexico tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to all, or for our American friends, Happy Columbus Day! I'll post some pics when I get back.

In the meantime here is a picture of me in my legal attire, from my call ceremony ... and no there is no wig. Sorry to disappoint.


vespertine said...

Hasta luego, amiga!
(My limited Spanish...)

Wow...I'm so astounded by the frequent compells me to comment! Thanks for your thoughts on my blog...I hope I feel better soon too!

Indeedy, speaking from a Starbucks background...the chocolate is most definitely much more delicious at Blenz. Mocha syrup at the Bucks is derived from a mocha
Enjoy the trip! Take lots of pics.

Jason Cheung said...

Like the garb. =)
Hope you have a blast in Meh Hee Ko.