Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm normally so well prepared

In a few short days, we're off to Mexico for a week to enjoy some fun in the sun. This is, at least, the plan. Unfortunately, I have no idea whether there will be sun, and as for fun, well, this isn't one of those typical-me trips where things are well planned and organized. Oh wait - I've just looked at the weather forecast and it appears we'll have mid-20s in the daytime, but fairly chilly evenings. Hmm. Some rain as well.

I am feeling a bit apprehensive about this trip, mostly because it's not an area I'm familiar with, and I'm going with a bunch of guys who don't seem to care much about whether the trip is organized. Apparently everyone's just looking forward to some Mexican beer. I can't recall the name of said beer, but I'm sure I'll figure it out after a few days. They're also looking forward to making odd purchases like buying "authentic" Mexican wrestling masks. Nacho Libre-style, I suppose.

In other trip-related news, we just got word that our trip to Costa Rica is now our trip to "destination as yet unknown." Was there a war in Costa Rica that I missed? I'm not sure. In any event, I don't know why the destination has changed, but I know the purpose has not. More updates when we receive them.

Hmm - I'm all out of things to say!

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