Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blogger and my computer don't mix

I had a whole post written out. A good one too. But my work computer rejected it, or rejected Blogger maybe .. anyway. Byebye post.

What I wrote about was .. well I'll just re-create it. I have a conference to go to on the Island next month - just a short weekend thing. I don't have to pay for the fee, but I do "get" to pay for my transportation ($80) and my hotel ($120/nt.) Clearly not thrilling, but I accept that it's a necessary thing. There's much for me to learn about my area of law and conferences are great ways to absorb more. I just wish it didn't have to be so far away, given the cost. It was my plan to take an early ferry on the first day and be a smidge late for the seminar - thus saving on the hotel cost. For those that don't know, I'm very cheap. It may come from having been a student for a long time, or maybe it's just from being Chinese! In any event, I'm not a fan of spending a lot on stuff. I'm not RIDICULOUS or anything - I'll still spend money on Starbucks once or twice a week, and once in a while I even go out for lunch. And sometimes I buy clothes. But not expensive ones, let's not be silly.

So, back to the story, I got an email from the conference organizers about a dinner they have arranged for the evening. I had expected a dinner gathering, but thought it would be, what, $50 at MOST ... unfortunately - it's going to be $100. Does that not make your eyes bulge? Perhaps it's just me. But I have NEVER paid that much for a meal in my entire life. We did not even spend that much per person for our wedding reception, and unlimited booze was included in that event. It's some kind of a fancy restaurant. The hubby hasn't decided if he'll come to the conference or not, but if he does, there goes $200.

The hubby and I don't often go out to eat. We aren't fancy people. We's cheap people. It's true - I think we try to be generous with friends and such, but we are in general cheap. Our fanciest meals have been for $25/person at the Dine Out event... and sometimes we've said to each other afterward, "Hmm - I think I've had better food at [fill in name of inexpensive Asian restaurant]". Once in a while, I get a gift card for the Keg, and in the interest of saving money, we order one large size prime rib and share it - it's cheaper than getting two separate plates. (Are you rolling your eyes at me, Internet?)

SO - you can imagine my shock at opening this email. I don't really know what to do. It's sort of "expected" that I'll attend the dinner. Someone suggested that I make up a story about having to meet a friend, but I don't feel good about lying. I also don't feel good about ditching out and being the spoilsport. Among all the lawyers going, I'm surely the youngest (and the poorest!) - so I doubt they'd understand total honesty from me ("$100 for a meal!? What a ripoff!") Maybe I should suck it up and just go, and hope that the next time I have a conference to go to, I also have a higher salary.

Anyway. I shouldn't whine, I know, but seriously, I could spend that money soooo much better.

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