Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hair ... such expense for dead cells

I hate getting my hair cut ... it isn't because I always want long hair or anything like that. It's more of the effort required. After my wedding, I sort of abandoned my previous hairstylist, as we had a bit of an issue regarding the wedding hair prices she charged me. I then embarked on a hair salon search ... and today I decided to go to a new place in Kerrisdale. I liked it there, except that the shampoo girl made me feel a bit awkward (they don't speak much English ... was she laughing at me? the way I look? Or just curious at the Chinese girl who can't speak Chinese? I'll never figure it out.)

Here's my "before" ... this was taken a few weeks ago during a camping trip. Considering the icy cold showers at camping, my hair actually doesn't look terrible here. (Side note: have I ever mentioned that I HATE public showers? Yuck!) Anyway, my hair here is long, mostly shapeless, and the bangs were really killing me.

And anyway, I decided to go for something shorter and possibly more professional looking. Here is the picture I brought to the hairstylist - knowing that my hair will never really look like this, unless I flat iron it every single morning and get highlights too.

And here is what I ended up with (typical webcam-style picture - I'm not even looking at the camera, haha):

Obviously it isn't Ally McBeal's hair, but I'm pretty pleased. Of course, it will undoubtedly not look too good when I have to wash/dry it myself. We'll see tomorrow.

Anyway. Shockingly I spent $50 today. I think that's the most expensive haircut that I have ever had. Ever! Ouchie.

This post doesn't have a real point.... but that's okay.... one day I'll write something more meaningful!


ArC said...

Hey sis! I didn't know you blogged!

... now I won't be surprised when I see your new hair in person. Boy, this "Internet" stuff is awesome.

char said...

thumbs up on the new haircut. did you choose ally mcbeal's hairstyle because she shared the same profession as you?

nothing wrong with pointless posts... keep them coming =)