Thursday, September 14, 2006

Saved - are you really?

There appears to be a lack of interest in books, judging by the underwhelming response to my last two posts ... I'll just assume that if you do read, you just aren't inclined to share your favourite tomes with me ... and if you don't read ... you're embarrassed that you don't. :)

Okay, so the other day, hubby and I went to the video store. We decided to rent this movie:

If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. It's a bit of a teen movie, but really quite eye-opening if you're a Christian. It made me wonder how often I've been a hypocrite, or have looked at someone with disdain, not knowing their true situation.

Christians seem to have kind of a bad rap in the media and to be honest, sometimes I totally agree with the media. I remember a few years ago, when a gay student was killed on a university campus in the States, there was a preacher who joined the protest, except that instead of standing up for gay rights, he held a sign that said something like, "God Hates Gays".

Our cell group was thinking of going to a lecture next month where topics of faith will be discussed. In particular what stuck out for me was the part about how faith seems to come out wrongly - either because it isn't accompanied by any positive good work, or because it is practiced in a coercive or violent fashion. Interesting stuff.

Praise God that he forgives.

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vespertine said...

I really did mean to leave something on the last post...I have reading suggestions!
Jostein Gaarder's "The Orange Girl", which is quite delightful and I think you'd like=)
As well, there's a kids book called "A single shard" by Lynda Sue Park which is also excellent.
I'll start you off with those...I hope you read them!
p.s I have yet to see "saved" but am really interested!