Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ten more random facts

  1. Fall, winter, and spring are my least favourite seasons.
  2. Rain automatically adds 15 minutes to my commute. Come on, folks, a little water shouldn't prevent you stepping on the gas pedal.
  3. Heroes is such a cool show.
  4. Veronica Mars is even cooler, except that I have missed all the episodes so far this season. Oops! I guess I'll be d/ling....
  5. It's 9:30 PM and I'm feeling sleepy. This is not good.
  6. The teacher on trial right now (for gross indecency...?) is all sorts of disgusting. It's a very upsetting situation and I hate even reading about it. What an arrogant and awful person.... it's so sad.
  7. My toast has NEVER bounced up from the toaster like it does on TV. Is my toaster just not capable of hurling my toast into the air?
  8. The Travelocity gnome is terribly annoying.... I would put him slightly behind the Wireless Wave guy on the radio (why does he have to say "Ro-JERS" and "Fi-DOHHH" like that) and the Spence Diamond guy (I've ranted before about him... he's reaching new lows lately.)
  9. I've managed to bring a lunch to work every day this week. Thanks for packing my lunch, hubby!
  10. Tomorrow is our first hockey game of the season, I can't wait to test out our new seats. And, one of my best friends is coming home for a visit! It's gonna be a good day.


Jason Cheung said...
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Jason Cheung said...

You get to see Ovechkin AND the new jumbotron. Lucky you. =)