Monday, January 22, 2007


Recently we had a guest speaker at church and I meant to post about her sermon that day, but I promptly forgot. I have at least 15 thoughts in my head at all times, so that one fell by the wayside, I guess. I still remember some of her sermon, which was on the power of God. The part that stuck out to me was on how we should rely on the Provider and not on the provisions.

It's so easy, almost natural, to forget about God after he has answered our prayers and provided us with what we wanted. It's definitely easy to overlook God when he keeps us safe, gives us food, shelter, etc. Her words reminded me to give thanks to God for being the provider, not just to dwell in the good things he's given me.

Life has a tendency to slip through my fingers without me really noticing. I hope in the days leading up to Chile, I'll be able to take time to reflect on God's infinite love and grace.

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