Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Talk radio

I spend a lot of time in the car and often force myself to listen to the radio - it helps keep me alert. The other day, I turned on Praise 106.5 and it was one of the morning talk radio shows - maybe Focus on the Family (kinda sounded like James Dobson.) The topic (although I can't be certain) seemed to be around decisions made by judges in Canada and in the U.S. There was much criticism about a recent decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal, which* apparently says that a child can have three parents, and acknowledges that parents can be of the same gender.

*I haven't actually read the decision - so I am paraphrasing a paraphrased version.

The hosts of the show and a caller went on and on about how judges get it all wrong, and judges should listen to the electorate, and that judges shouldn't be making the law. Lying beneath their discussion was clearly the position that same-sex marriage is wrong, and that Canada has made a huge mistake by allowing it. They made much about appointments to the US Supreme Court, and how various presidents should have appointed X, a staunch conservative man, rather than Y, a"radical-left" liberal woman. They talked about how certain judges have done nothing but support decisions such as Roe v. Wade since their appointment, and how the judiciary was really out of control in both countries.

I really try not to enter into debates with people over issues like same-sex marriage and I definitely wouldn't criticize a member of the judiciary publicly. I must say that shows like these often make me a little bit sad. I don't consider myself a very right-wing, conservative person, in that I believe all persons were created equally. Where my beliefs do waver is in "grey" areas such as same-sex marriage. I believe that marriage was intended by God to be a covenant type relationship between a man and a woman... but I don't really know what my stance is on same-sex marriage. On one hand I can see how those in a same-sex relationship want the same benefits and rights as those who are not in a same-sex relationship. On the other hand, it doesn't really jive with what I believe.

Therefore, I sometimes take the (middle?) road ... I don't think this is a perfect world and certainly our government is not perfect. I believe in the separation of church and state and so to that degree, I don't really feel right in speaking out against same-sex marriage. I feel like Christians cannot expect this world to revere the word of God - we all await the day when there will be a new heaven and earth, but for now, I think our efforts should be toward being light in the form of loving our neighbours, instead of spreading darkness in the form of intolerance bordering on hate.

At the same time, I see the world around me as growing more and more accepting of the secular views, and less and less accepting of "traditional", Christian values. Political correctness has taken over the world ...

I anxiously await heaven.

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