Friday, January 05, 2007

Just had to share

This picture is only meant to illustrate a typical campfire pit at camping. Observe the grill on top - that is a grill that comes with the pit.

I mention this because today I was visiting a food-related blog that I sometimes read, and the girl was talking about her plans for a vegan week. She had made a video that showed various pics of meat, I suppose from previous meals she'd eaten. It all looked great until she said "No more steak on the fire" and a picture of steak being cooked directly on the campfire pit's grill appeared.

I was immediately disgusted.... we've been camping a zillion times and not once have we put food directly on that grill. Here are some reasons why you should always bring your own grill, and NEVER cook on that grill:

  1. Someone might have thrown their garbage onto the grill to watch it burn.
  2. Someone might have thrown a slug onto that grill to watch it ... melt.
  3. Someone might have thrown a cardboard version of The Rock into the firepit.
  4. Someone might have used the grill as a stool to stand on.
  5. Someone might have peed on the grill.

Of course, I disavow knowledge of any of these things happening, but theoretically it all could, and that is why cooking on the campfire grill is horrible. Ugh! I can never read that food blog again. I've lost all respect!

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