Friday, April 07, 2006


It's my very first post on this brand new blog. I tried a few other names before I found one that worked... I kinda wanted "totallyridiculous" but someone already has it.... and so I figured, this name reflects me pretty well. I am a little bit snarky, but it's only because I'm so incredibly impatient. I think everyone needs a little snark to get them through the day, honestly!

I took this picture on our honeymoon cruise. Actually, I cheated a little by using the "warm colours" setting on my camera. But really, it's not far off from how the water and sunset actually looked.

April always makes me reflect... maybe because it's my birthday month. Getting older is a little strange. I remember when I couldn't wait to grow up, to be out of the house, to be independent, to be done with school. And now ... I am kind of grown up, I don't live with my mom, I am sort of independent, and I'm working. In some ways it's incredibly fulfilling. In other ways, I wonder if I've grown up at all. I still feel like a kid sometimes.

Hmm - this post is lacking in snark. Well, that's ok, I'm sure I'll find something to gripe about later in the day. Cheerio!

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