Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Hi everyone!

It's my BURFDAY today... well.. another year older, and at least two years wiser, I think. I still enjoy my birthday, even though each year brings me closer to numbers I don't even want to think about. But really, it's all good. So far I've had one phone call and two emails and lots of good wishes from friends... and also some beautiful flowers (two dozen!) from my hubby. Oh and also a present which I did not expect!

Not only is it my birthday, but today also marks two years since we got engaged. Here's a little pic to commemorate that momentous occasion:

It's a little dark in this picture, but notice how Raf's shirt reflects :) This picture was taken in Stanley Park. Hard to believe it's been two years already since that day. I'm terribly glad not to be doing any wedding planning right now, that's for sure! Ah, those were good times. First time at Krispy Kreme ... mm... hot donuts..

Welps, that's all for now. Have a good day all, and let's hope the Canucks win tonight!

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